Hands-On Math - 10 Ways to Use a Hundreds Chart With Your Preschool- to Elementary-Age Kids

Today I want to introduce you to the Learning Resources 100 Ant Picnic Activity Set.   This hands-on hundreds chart set features a double-sided 100 board, one side numbered and the other blank for write and wipe purposes.  It includes an activity guide with a games and ideas for using the set, and 100 ant counters in two colors.

Hands-On Math - 10 Ways to Use a Hundreds Chart With Your Preschool- to Elementary-Age Kids

 Our Thoughts:  The board is pretty sturdy although with a 3-year-old and 6-year-old and the need to fold it (ahem, correctly!) every time you’re finished, I’ve already had to add tape to ours.  No matter, though – it is holding up just fine despite this.  If you’ve ever raised little children, you know nothing remains in pristine condition.


Anyway.  The ant counters are cute!  They are detailed, lightweight, and well-made (of a rubbery-type material).  And they’re perfect for lining up on your living room floor for a quick pretend play adventure.  Quick, hide the picnic basket!

Hands-On Math - 10 Ways to Use a Hundreds Chart With Your Preschool- to Elementary-Age Kids

Overall, what I really appreciate about this activity set is its versatility (which does seem to be a trend for Learning Resources’ products) – it can be used so many different ways to teach math!  You can use the counters separately or with the board-game quality hundreds chart mat, and it is large and attractive thanks to the colorful design and ant-shaped counters.  It really is more “math play” than school time!   Emma even spends time making up her own games on it.  Also, it is unique – there isn’t anything like it that I can find online.  All of the above makes its $29.99 (or less on Amazon) price tag worth it.

So do I recommend it?  Absolutely!

 And now…

 Hands-On Math - 10 Ways to Use a Hundreds Chart With Your Preschool- to Elementary-Age Kids

Hands-On Math - 10 Ways to Use a Hundreds Chart With Your Preschool- to Elementary-Age Kids

  • This one might be obvious, but… practice counting to 100.  ;-)  To make this a little more challenging, begin with a number like “38” and count up from there!
  • Use it as a number line to learn to challenge your child and add and subtract 2-digit numbers!  Example:  I asked Emma what 25 + 12 was.  She puts one ant on the “25” and counts up 12 along the board until she gets to the answer.
  • For the blank back of the picnic chart, fill in the missing numbers.
Hands-On Math - 10 Ways to Use a Hundreds Chart With Your Preschool- to Elementary-Age Kids

Please ignore my mistake here… Emma sure let me have it for that! ;) (I just may have done it on purpose…)

  • Ask questions like, “How many numbers are there between 22 and 35?” or “What number is between 55 and 57?”
  • Use it to memorize skip counting.  Use the different-colored ants to show skip-counting patterns.  Example:  Below we were practicing skip-counting by 3’s.  Every 3rd ant is yellow.  (Or don’t put any ants on those numbers so the child can count quickly by 3.)

  • Play “Race to 100”.  Begin at 1.  For the first turn, roll the dice then move to that number.  After that, roll the dice and try to predict the number that you will land on.  If you guess correctly, you can move one bonus space.  First to 100 wins!  (We loved this game!)

  • Play “Add 10”.  The first player picks a number on the board and places an ant on it.  The next player adds 10 and places a different colored ant on that number.  And so on until they reach 100.  (Can also add 5 or 15.)
  • Use it to find Even and Odd numbers.
  • Use it to count money!  (How-to can be found here.)
  • Use it to practice fractions.  Ask, “What number is 1/2 of 100?”  You can also tie in money (“What is half of $1.00?”).

For little ones:   Use it to learn to count and reinforce number recognition (call out a number and have the child find it).

Seriously, the possibilities are endless!  And there are even more ways to use the 100 Ant Picnic set in the activity guide that comes with it.


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My thanks to Learning Resources for sending me the 100 Ant Picnic Activity Set so I could share my thoughts and experiences with my readers!  The opinions I have given are honest and 100% my own.  


26 Responses to 10 Ways to Teach Math Concepts With the 100 Ant Picnic Hundreds Chart

  • They are playing outside. They are also visiting family.

  • My kiddos are having a blast this summer! We went on a family vacation and spent time at the beach. My daughter has gotten very into her Duplos/Legos and has been building the summer away. My son is taking off walking and growing up way too fast!

  • I am a huge fan of their cash register. I think it is a great resource for creative play and there are lots of activities you could do with it.

  • We just moved to Florida so it has been a lot time at the pool and ocean most days, but prepping for our first year of homeschool and getting into a routine!

  • We just moved from Idaho to Montana about 1.5 weeks ago. My daughter has been spending a whole lot of time playing Minecraft and “helping” me unpack or playing with her toys. Luckily one of the reasons we moved back to MT was because we have friends here with kids about Lil’s age so we’ve also spent a few days with friends and Lily had a blast. It makes all of this unpacking worth it.

  • This looks like a great game. I love games that are fun and interactive.

  • This summer has been a laid back summer. My hubby is deployed so the kids and I have been doing stuff around town and lots of trips to the library. We started homeschool again last week so we can take a month off when he gets back.

  • What a great game! We’ve been experimenting with bingo-like games and dice/adding/subtracting for some fun math practice. Love the idea of putting the ants on different squares and trying to get 4 in a row, for example!

  • This game looks like a lot of fun.

  • I am a preschool teacher and this math activity would absolutely engage my preschoolers. Some of their favorite activities involve hands-on math activities, and this looks like it would fit right in!

  • I homeschoooled all three of my children. Now one has finished college one almost done. I loved doing it and learning right along with them.
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  • It looks like something that would be very helpful with my kids. I find things like this to be more interactive and fun, therefore memorable.

  • I think my son would like the Gears! Gears! Gears! Lights & Action Building Set. He loves building things and taking them apart.
    My daughter would love the GeoSafari Vega 360 Telescope.

  • I LOVE hands on manipulative for homeschooling and teaching!! These are great for learning math and other subjects too. My kids enjoy learning by doing and are very visual as well and so am I.

  • My girls would love the New Sprouts® Grill it! because they love daddy’s BBQing. It is a great summer gift too!

  • This is such a cute way for children to learn and enhance their math skills! It’s great that you’ve been able to find so many other ways to put this set to use.

  • I have been home schooling my 4 kids for three years now .I love the idea of hands on anything since some of my children have learning issues and do better if they can physically touch what we are learning about.

  • we have been doing a lot of flash cards and summer workbooks. we also do a lot of bike riding and walking in the summer.

  • My son is very hands-on with EVERYTHING, and loves to learn. I think he’d love this!

  • I do not know a lot about homeschooling but I plan on doing it with my youngest

  • I honestly don’t know how people can homeschool…I have no patience for it! 100 Ant Picnic looks like fun for my two kids :)

  • I gave always thought hands on math is the best way to go with younger kids works for mine. As for homeschooling I was homeschooled and it is not a choice I would make for mine personally.

  • My child loves hands on math. The teddy bear counters that we have are one of his favorite things to use. He’d love the little ants.

  • I have never heard of a hundreds chart! I love that there are so many ways to use it with my daughter!

  • I think that this is an absolutely too cute way to teach my little one about math! I’ve tried with different smaller things at home to teach her, but this would definitely make things much easier!

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