Our "Tried & Approved" List of Bible Resources for Children

Note:  Everything listed below has been tried and approved by our family.  :)  Affiliate links ahead!


My First Hands-on Bible

My First Hands-On Bible
This Bible has everything you could want in a “first” Bible – it’s illustrations are bright and colorful, it doesn’t stray from scripture in retelling Bible stories, and it has suggestions in the margins for activities little ones can do to involve them in the Bible reading.  I would recommend it for ages 3-4.
$14.95 at Amazon


Egermeier's Bible Storybook
Egermeier’s Bible Storybook
This is a Bible I would recommend for 4-7 (and up).  There are beautiful full-page classic-looking illustrations every couple pages and the storytelling is straightforward.  Emma brings me this Bible every day (she’s 5 now) and asks me to read it!
$12.95 at Amazon



Jesus Wants My Heart
by Becky Van Volkinburg
Reading this book together is a very sweet way to introduce a child to the concept of having a relationship with Jesus, and discovering what pleases His heart.  It’s a great conversation starter.  We love it!  :)
$5 at Amazon for the paperback, or $0.99 for the Kindle version


Alice in BibleLand Stories
There is a whole series of these wonderful books about a little girl who opens her Bible and is able to walk into the stories (like Alice through the looking glass).  We highly recommend these!
I bought mine in a lot on eBay for a good price – you can find them used on Amazon or paperbackswap.com.


I love this series of short illustrated stories featuring people from the Bible!  Each one is a little unique.  They are great for children ages 4 on up.
$2.24 each on Amazon.com


God Gave Us Series
God Gave Us…
The God Gave Us series by Lisa Tawn Bergren is heartwarming, starring a family of polar bears with an inquisitive cub who asks her parents some of the most important questions in life.  Her wise mama and papa bear answer her questions about herself, the world, love, Christmas, and Easter.
From $7 on Amazon


Just Like Jesus Said SeriesJust Like Jesus Said series
Another series of books with children facing everyday situations that are complicated and require grace and compassion.  They very much encourage and help with knowing how to deal with the people around you.
From $5.68 on Amazon



Singing, humor, and characters that look like vegetables… what’s not to love?  ;-)  But seriously, the Bible stories and characters lessons are great, if a little silly at times.  They unabashedly admit to being silly, though!
From $3.99 at Amazon

What's in the Bible
What’s In The Bible
These are a little different than VeggieTales in that they contain a lot of answers to questions kids might have about the Bible and people who lived in Bible times.  They feature puppets with many different personalities who keep the jokes and entertainment coming while still covering quite a bit of material and teaching the Bible.  We have the first 10, and can recommend them for ages 5 and up.
From $9.99 at Amazon or you can purchase separate episodes online at whatsinthebible.com.


Questions With AnswersSongs for Saplings
These are wonderful scripture songs for kids!  Songs for Saplings ABC and 123 are short Bible verses set to music and Questions With Answers Volumes 1-3 feature actual questions about God, man, and the Bible with answers set to music.  All of them are excellent!
$9.00 for an audio CD from Amazon

Seeds Family Worship
Seeds Family Worship
Scripture put to song – these are for any age but I think are a must for every child, too.  So encouraging and what a cool way to learn your Bible!  I hope you’ll take a moment to go listen to some samples.  After I did, I immediately bought their music in MP3 format.
From $8.99 or $0.99 per song

100 Bible Songs & 100 Bible StoriesThe Wonder Kids music
This CD is packed full of children’s worship songs, many that were familiar to me, and alternates with short stories from the Bible that are easy to listen to and understand.  For quiet time this is a wonderful choice.  :)  Listen to samples at the Amazon link below.  You can also purchase this CD on iTunes.
$9.99 at Amazon.com or iTunes.

Other Resources:

Betty Lukens Felt Bible Sets

Sticker Scenes and other activities from Oriental Trading Company

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What would you add to this list?




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