Best/favorite posts of 2008:


Dragon’s Milk
A mini review of the young adult series of books about a girl who goes on a quest to obtain the milk of a dragon, the only cure for her sick sister.


I ♥ My Rice Cooker
A post dedicated to my lovely rice cooker. ;-) Full of rice cooker recipes – did you know you can use it as a small crockpot?


Summer Thoughts and Pictures
Some photos and my thoughts on Job.

Sweet Ideas for Outgrown Baby Clothes!
A collection of things to do with your baby’s outgrown onesies and cute clothes! Includes making a memory quilt, using them as wall art, and using them as scrapbooking embellishments. :-)


Retro/Classic Toys Make a Comeback!
Tinker toys and tin tops – get your kids the same toys you or your parents played with as kids!

Gianna Jessen, Abortion Survivor
She survived a saline abortion (burns baby in the womb, the baby is supposed to be delivered dead) when her biological mother was 7 1/2 months pregnant. This woman is not afraid of what people think of her, not afraid to say that she gives all the glory to Jesus Christ. She has cerebral palsy. Really moving speech!


Malls, Snooty Hairdressers, and Starbucks
My hilarious experience with a snooty hairdresser at the mall…


Crochet Goodness – Scarves!
A collection of crochet scarves and free patterns I’ve found!

Domino Pendants – Vintage Victorian Fairy Children
Showing off the gorgeous pendants made from dominos and triominos that my mom has made and put in her Etsy shop. :-)


Not Sure Which Christian Books to Try?
If you like _____, then try _____.



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