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5 Ways to Use Lavender With Your Kids
  If you haven’t been introduced to essential oils and their amazing benefits yet, let me assure you that this is a post you won’t want to miss! And I’m not exaggerating when I say amazing – I have some stories to tell here about how they have made our lives easier and healthier.

If you’re skeptical, I understand.  I, too, was skeptical when I first heard from a friend just how much these oils can change and improve your everyday life, but after over three years of using and experimenting with these oils I am totally convinced that they are awesome at supporting and building up the body systems.  I can’t wait to share our experiences with you!

Quite awhile ago, when I was first learning about the oils and experimenting with them in our daily lives, I wrote a post about our experiences with peppermint oil. You can also find out how I was introduced to essential oils and learn a little bit more about them by reading that post. Over the next few months I plan to share some of my favorite oils and how they have helped us, and I hope you will follow along.  :)

Please note that when I refer to essential oils in this post, I am not talking about the essential oils you find in the health food section of your supermarket.  Those are meant for aromatherapy only, and many are diluted with carrier oils.  But there are other essential oils that go through many different methods of purification so they are pure enough to be used topically and internally as well. Those are the oils I’m talking about today.

Focus on Lavender Essential Oil

Let’s start with Lavender, one of the “essential” essential oils in our home. Lavender comes from the lovely, fragrant lavender plant and is one of the most popular oils of its ability to soothe skin irritations and relax muscle tension.  Some of the ways we have found it invaluable:

Calming and Relaxing

Ever have one of those days when everyone is overtired and grumpy, maybe after a too-busy weekend? I diffuse this in the air on “grumpy days” and it helps calm the moods and relax the tension in the room.  When there are tantrums happening, I also apply a drop to the bottom of each foot – this is the way to get the oils into the bloodstream the fastest and its a safe place to put the oils in case of skin sensitivity.

Easing Night Terrors

Emma has had night terrors in the past that caused her to cry inconsolably. She hasn’t had them in awhile, but when she did I would rock her, pray with her, and apply lavender or another calming oil blend containing lavender, and within two to five minutes of doing all of this, she would stop crying and tell me she was ready to go back to bed. It’s always so surprising when she goes from inconsolable to calm and … well, “I don’t need you anymore, mommy” in a few minutes!

Picture me blinking in shock when she asks to be put back to bed, and thinking, “But… but… you need me!”.

Plus, what happens when you’re wakened from a deep sleep by a child screaming at the top of his or her lungs?  You’re wide awake, sister.

Lavender, Our Go-To Oil

Whenever a child comes to me with any kind of hurt, I use lavender. It helps soothe discomfort, and the kids get a good whiff of it at the same time so it calms, too. You can dilute it a bit with coconut oil, but it’s also fine to apply straight to the owie. I use this myself as well, and have found it to be very relieving.

I find myself using lavender for the tummy and head, too. Kids often just need comfort and something  more than a kiss, and I have found this to be so helpful in those instances! Once they have been comforted and the aroma of the oil reaches their nose, they are very satisfied that they have been cared for. This way, I’m not using potentially harmful over-the-counter medicines for something that might not be necessary – it gives us time to watch the symptoms and determine if they are really needing a medicine. This is one way I have found that it has really changed our lives – whereas before I might have worriedly given pain medicine unnecessarily, I now have a safe and natural alternative to try first.   :)

Helping with the Bedtime Routine

Bedtime can be a struggle when you have energetic, seemingly tireless kids. I can’t blame them because I remember being a kid and not feeling tired at all!

I wish that lasted into adulthood.

Lavender isn’t a “magical” oil and they don’t fall asleep at the first whiff, contrary to what you might wish, but when you integrate it into their bedtime routine it works wonders! You can add a couple drops to their nightly bath, put a drop on their pajamas, a couple drops on their feet, and put a drop on their pillow before bed. You probably won’t need to do ALL that, but a couple of those options will make a difference. Another option is to make a lavender spray – add water and a few drops of lavender to a small spray bottle and spritz their bedding and around the room before putting them to bed.

Traveling and Camping

Lavender is one of the essential oils I must have with me when I’m traveling, whether by car or plane.  Obviously it can help create a restful atmosphere, but it can also be soothing for car sickness (along with peppermint).  Since it’s used for cuts and other owies it’s also a great addition to your travel first aid kit.  If you’re camping and spending a lot of time in the great outdoors, it can soothe the inevitable bumps and scrapes.  Lavender is truly a versatile oil!  You can see why it’s one of the most popular, most purchased essential oils.

What Exactly Are Essential Oils?  Quick Q & A.  :-)

What are essential oils?
Extracts from nature – the roots of plants, bark, etc.

What are essential oils used for and how are they used?
Essential oils can be used topically, through aromatherapy, and internally (as long as it says on the bottle it can be taken internally) for a myriad of different things.  They’re already being used in beauty products for your skin, in some over-the-counter medicines, and in perfumes, too.  You can diffuse them because you love the scent or use them therapeutically to support your body systems.

Is quality important in essential oils? Why can’t I just buy the cheapest?
Yes, quality is very important! The lowest level of quality is meant only for scent, the type used in perfumes.  You want to find the high-quality oils, the ones that have been tested and triple tested by third parties for purity.  Quick example of why quality is important:  Peppermint essential oil can be taken internally – you can put it on your tongue to freshen your breath or add a drop to your water to soothe an upset tummy. However, not all oils are pure enough to swallow. Check on the bottle and if it doesn’t say “Safe to be taken internally” you should NOT put it in your mouth. I personally use an amazing brand that I’m very happy with.  Their peppermint oil is safe for taking internally, and all their oils are certified pure therapeutic grade.

How to get the oils for less (or free!)

There are a few ways to do this… 
just pick whichever option is for YOU

1.  I just want to buy the oils in the simplest way possible.
The simplest way is not the most cost-effective way, but you can certainly buy the oils  online at retail prices!  The disadvantage is that there is no way to earn free oils, take advantage of their sales, or get the wholesale prices.

2.  I want the easiest way to get these oils for less.
Sign up for a wholesale account to get 25% off each oil/product right away!  You can pay the $35.00 membership fee OR get the account free when you choose an enrollment kit (which are basically a bunch of oils/products at deeply discounted prices).  You can still earn money if you share with your friends, too!

3.  I’m very interested in sharing the oils with friends or making a part-time or full-time income!
Awesome!  I can’t think of a better job to have than sharing a product that truly helps others.  :)  Sign up for a wholesale account and get wholesale prices, access to the loyalty rewards program (just like a Costco membership – you earn free oils!), and get paid when you friends want to order them, too!  You will also get your own website to direct people to when they want to order retail.  Note:  There is never a requirement to buy or sell.

Ready for that wholesale account?
It’s so easy to sign up!  Just click “Join and Save”, then fill out the simple form.

I want to share that I am not gung-ho into the “business” end of things but naturally end up sharing oils with friends and family, hoping that they will be helped as much as I have been.  If I wasn’t as excited about these oils as I am, and if I had’t experienced myself how well they work over time I would not be sharing them here.  My biggest hope is that others will benefit as much as I do from these awesome oils!

I’m currently offering free wellness consults via email to help you figure which essential oils you might need the most!  Just send me an email with the subject line “wellness consult” to take advantage of this.


7 Responses to 5 Reasons Every Mom Should Keep Lavender Essential Oil in Her Home

  • I will have to say that Lavender does not work in our house. It keeps me up and makes my kids hyper (I did just get a new bottle to have on hand for other uses). I do like Vetiver to help sleep and am going to try Serenity next =).

    • Hi Christine,

      Everyone is different when it comes to the oils, that’s for sure! There are people who love a scent, and others who can’t stand it. I would try Clary Sage next, that one is amazing for helping you sleep. :) I buy it just for that purpose for myself because it’s the only thing that works when I wake up in the middle of the night with “busy mind syndrome”. (haha)

  • I love Lavender. At first I didn’t like the smell but slowly I have come to like it. I have used it on burns and it works wonderfully.

  • This is one I need to keep in my house at all times!

  • I have a lot of friends who are using essential oils now. I think it would be great if I could find one that worked well for allergies!

  • I love aromatherapy and lavender is one of my must-have scents! I appreciate your post because it gives me a myriad on information on lavender. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Lavendar oil is one of my favorites! I love putting a couple drops in the bath before the kids go to bed!

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