6 simple and fast alternatives to the mom ponytail that will make you feel pretty

I’ve lived years of my life in a mom ponytail.  Want to get more specific with me?  Okay, let’s see.  I’ve been a mom for about 8 years.  During that time, I mostly alternated between leaving my hair down and putting it up in a messy ponytail.  So I’d say 50% of the time I chose a ponytail – but I’m going to move that to 65% because sometimes I fell asleep with my hair up.

I know, that’s awful.  You’re a mom, though, so you know about extreme exhaustion.   Anyway, back to the math… 65% of the time over 8 years.

Forget it, that’s as far as I’m going.  Because I hate numbers.  I know it was too long.

I’ve branched out of the ponytail now that my kids aren’t in diapers anymore (hallelujah!), but needed more inspiration and ideas.  I’m going to print these out and paste them around my bathroom mirror so I actually remember to do them!

Mom brain.  It’s foggy.

So let’s talk tools.  What do you need for these hairstyles?  Bobby pins are a must.  A hairbrush.  Dry shampoo would be awesome.  A new supply of hair bands to replace the ones that disappear mysteriously.

Okay, so without further ado, here are 6 lightning-fast alternatives to the mom ponytail.  I hope these ideas get you out of that hair rut and boost your confidence that you can look fabulous in just a few minutes!

1.  Elegant Chignon in 2 Minutes.

Lightning-fast alternatives to the mom ponytail - Elegant Updo Chignon

This is so easy.  Put your hair in a low ponytail.  Twisting it like they did in the photo is optional.  Loosen the ponytail and flip/twist it up and over.  Tighten.  Tuck your hair in and secure it with bobby pins.  Done!

2. Triple-Flipped Hairdo in 5 Minutes

Lightning-fast alternatives to the mom ponytail - Flipped hairdo

Just like the flip-through ponytail above only there are three of them this time!  Loosen and adjust the hair until it looks like the final photo.  I think this is a gorgeous alternative to a ponytail and super easy!

3.  Messy Topknot in 3 Minutes

Lightning-fast alternatives to the mom ponytail - Messy Topknot

There are several different ways to get a messy topknot, but my favorite is to put my hair into a ponytail (don’t worry, it won’t stay long!), flip it through one more time so that the tail of the hair is tucked into the elastic, and use a bobby pin to pin the hair into the messy bun shape I want.

4.  Headband Tuck Updo in 2 Minutes

Lightning-fast alternatives to the mom ponytail - Headband Tuck

This one is fast and cute!  If you can wear headbands (I can’t because my head isn’t shaped for it I guess), you’ll just put the band around your head over your hair, then tuck the remaining strands up and into it, twisting the strands near your crown.  I imagine this would be pretty with a couple braids in it, too.

5.  Side Braid Pony (or Bun) in 3 Minutes

Lightning-fast alternatives to the mom ponytail - Braid ponytail
source – quick and easy hairstyles video

Watch the video at the link above to find out how to do this.  I’m a new fan of these girls and their fun videos! (I especially love the ending of this one.)

6.  Sock Bun in 3 Minutes

Lightning-fast alternatives to the mom ponytail - Sock bun

I learned to do a sock bun a few years ago and love how simple and elegant it looks in just minutes!  Plus fine-haired girls like me get to pretend like we have tons of hair for awhile.  :)

What go-to hairstyle keeps you out of the mom ponytail rut?


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