Note from Lindsey: I just want to say welcome to Carol from A CT Girl in KS – she’s our guest today as part of the Wii Mommies Blog Swing (they have such inspired ideas)! I love the way she shares her heart. :-) Oh, and I’m guest posting over at Loving Hearts Designs, by the way. :-)


Hello everyone! My name is Carol and I write over at A Ct Girl In Ks. Thank you Lindsey for letting me guest post today as part of Wii Mommies and their Blog Swing this weekend. I tried to wrap my brain around something that might be profound and stand out in the crowd of many articles today that we will all be reading through. I’ve read many a blog in the last few months and have just been amazed at the thought process, the use of words, the delivery of words, the subjects… Surely I can run with the them. Nada. And then, I thought, just write about what I know. Me? Nah, just not interesting enough. 40 something trying to lose weight? maybe…

What is up with a 40 year old body? How is it that when we were 23 and wanted to lose a few pounds for that new dress all we had to do was to stop eating so many M & M’s or limit the intake of beer for a few days… problem solved. At 35, we noticed that we’ve gained a few pounds extra from that desk job, or birthing two children… so we join the gym and jog on the treadmill or drink some SlimFast shakes… it takes a little longer, but that’s okay. Now, sitting here at 40, those few extra pounds have put you into the overweight category and you are trying to figure out who to blame for this: A) your gene pool, B) mother nature being cruel, or C) your family that you are baking/cooking quick foods for because you are ‘running’ around getting those beautiful kids from point A to point B to point C… The answer: D)all of the above, sadly enough.

How to fix this? I don’t know. I’m working on that. I can’t fix the gene pool. Looking at my family, I will probably never see size 6 again in this life. I will still be ‘running’ around from point A to point B to point C with the kids, but am learning to take detours so that I do something for me (not selfishly, because the girls are very interested in taking part in ‘getting Mom healthier’. They are active in my Wii Fit. They are more and more encouraging when I ask them to help make healthier items in the kitchen. They love when I practice soccer and Tball with them. Mother Nature is not a force to be reckoned with… but then again, she is female. She wants us to be like her… She wants us to move it and shake it.

I know that isn’t enough… I know that the metabolism changes and that we start losing muscle mass… sadly, we have to fight a little longer to lose that weight and a work harder. We have to re-think that extra serving of lasagna that came out as good as Grandma’s…

And that is it… our metabolism does change. That muscle mass won’t look the same anymore. We do have to watch our intake, make smarter choices. We have to exercise… some harder than others. But we have to keep trying. For ourselves. For our family. For our children. My girls don’t see me as Fat. They see me as someone who wants to be healthier for them… to run with them, to fly kites in the field, to ride bikes, to play soccer, to hike with them.

This is important: If you’ve been working on being a better you… be proud of yourself. At any age. Be proud that you are taking the initiative. I’m proud of you!



4 Responses to A CT Girl in KS ♥ Wii Mommies Fitness Friday Blog Swing!

  • What a fantastic post! You crack me up-M&M's and beer. HA! Amen to that! I think with age we have no choice but to work out. As kids we stayed active and fit and as our metabolisms slow, we have to makeup for it by working out (which sucks but if you find something you love and stick with it, you WILL see that size 6, I promise!)

  • When I was back in my 20’s my boss used to always be dieting and walking and always said it was so much easier when you are younger than when you are in your 30’s and 40’s …I can totally see that now. Although…for me for some reason I am really motivated right now and hopefull will stay that way.

  • love the kian for my granson

  • Carol I am so proud of YOU and your motivation! It is harder as you get older…and that ROTS…but you are dedicated…and you have made it a family affair…which will make it easier to live with…it will (IS) a lifestyle…and that your girls will learn and live with as they grow, too!

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