What are your thoughts on this doll?

Before answering, please watch this video at Gizmodo – it is crazy!  I’m not sure what creeps me out more, the doll itself or the way the woman is interacting with it.  LOL

I have to admit that I really prefer the floppy quiet dolls.  I do like the eyes that close when you lie the baby down, I think that’s sweet.  I think we should let little girls use their imagination when we can!

That said, if my daughter REALLY wanted an interactive doll like this, I would probably give in and get her one.  Maybe.  ;-)  I did review a Little Mommy doll a few months ago and although it was cute (not nearly as scary as the doll in the video above!) it didn’t keep Emma’s attention very long.  In fact, she was scared of it for the longest time.  I kept trying to get her used to it and she wouldn’t TOUCH it – she gave it a wide berth when she walked by.  It was sooo funny!  She finally did play with it and enjoyed it for awhile but never was extremely excited about it.  Note that she was two, so she was a little young for it anyway.  But she carried her other (quiet floppy) doll around.  So… well, that’s all I’ll say about that right now.  I ended up giving it to another mom who thought her daughter might like it.

What do you (or what does your daughter) think about this doll?  Have you ever had one?  Would you buy one for your daughter?



9 Responses to A Doll For Your Daughter… Let Them Use Their Imagination or Not?

  • She is a bit “creepy”…way more high tech than when I was a kid. In our house the scenarios acted out by the doll happen all day long – Mommy to Baby, then Baby to doll! She doesn’t need to be prompted by a toy in order to copy-cat what’s going on in her life.
    I think my daughter would be like yours and express interest for a while, then go back to her “real” babies. Matel will make money, but honestly, most kids don’t really like or need high tech stuff. High tech seems to be for the parents. It’s the simple things that keep them curious. Again, like you, if my girl said she wanted one I might give in…but imagination, pretend and a whole lotta dress-up sure go a loooooong way.
    Kids who get hooked on iPads, games on phones, Wii, etc. have a hard time coping when there’s a rolling black out! *smiles*

  • This doll is creepy! Whatever happened to turning off technology and letting kids use their imaginations? I will not be getting this doll for my daughters. I thought the dolls that peed or pooped were too weird ..

  • Wow! CHUCKEY’s back!!!

  • Strange , but the breastfeeding doll is creepier. I did nurse, but I don’t think kids need to use their put on a ‘bra’ to pretend to nurse. Pretend with a non electronic doll is okay. They grow up quick enough.

  • The way the woman is interacting with the doll is disturbing. Wow. The doll is weird, for sure, but I bet my girls would like it. Their American Girl dolls (which sit and do nothing) are their favorites. But they have a doll that cries for a bottle and makes sucking noises as it drinks the bottle and they think that’s great (it’s one of the most annoying toys ever). So, sadly, I think they might like this, at least for a time.

    • I don’t know, I kind of think that even a kid might get annoyed at a doll that bossy, LOL! Maybe these should be given to teens who think they want babies… but don’t give them an off switch and make the volume very loud. ;-)

  • No thank you! It really is a bit creepy. I remember when the Gremlin dolls cam out and would talk to you. Someone gave one to my daughter when her son was born. It was on the counter, looked towards the porta-crib where he was napping, and said “Baby sleeping.” She turned it off and it said it again. She threw it in the back of the closet and didn’t let it out. Creepy.

    My mother-in-law gave our girls larger than life babydolls that cried when you put them down and laughed when you picked them up. Annoying to say the least. The girls lost interest in a short time, put them down, and walked off leaving them crying. I let the batteries die and never replaced them.

    Give me a doll that you can dress, play with and decide what you want it to say and do. Our children are loosing the ability to use their imaginations.

  • Why the doll’s tongue sticks out of her mouth ? creepy :)

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