I love hats.  I’m naturally drawn to them in stores and find myself trying them on and peeking in a mirror to see if it looks good or not.  There are just so many different styles of hats – one cannot have too many in my opinion.

When my daughter was born, I was in heaven.  A little girl I could buy hats galore for!  And believe me, she looks good in them.  ;-)  And loves them.  So I continue to buy them. When my dear husband raises his eyebrows, I tell him her head has grown (true) and that she needs another one to protect her little ears from cold or keep her from being sunburned.

Perhaps we could pick a hat or two up for me as well?  ;-)  No, I cannot use the growing head excuse (thankfully).

Since I’m an avid online shopper, I’m always on the lookout for a nice place to buy hats.  Here are some of my recent finds…

If you’re looking for winter hats, try www.winterhatsboutique.com.  You’ll find a wonderful selection of hats for the whole family.  I fell in love with their berets (especially this one) and started feeling warm and fuzzy over their baby hats.  A few of my favorites:

And here’s a plus – shipping is free!

For fun, I also have been looking at the vast selection of panama hats and fedora hats.  Seriously, I didn’t even know this hat heaven existed!  I can just imagine myself lying out in the sun on a beach in this pink panama hat soaking in the sun… perhaps Hawaii?

And I do believe my husband would look rather dashing in this:

So tell me – what is your favorite hat style?  Do you wear hats often?

I was compensated for placing specific links in this post.  All opinions and random thoughts are 100% mine!


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