Have you ever wanted to travel back through time and see Jesus? That’s what this team of men and women, existing in the near future, is able to do. I’m so jealous! Of course, they aren’t going back in time just to meet Jesus. They want something different. They want evidence that Jesus’ body was stolen from His tomb, that he was not resurrected from death. Evidence that would shatter the faith of all the “followers” on Earth. They want the worshipers of Yeshua annihilated.

When things start going wrong, suspicions rise. Is there a follower among them, sent to cripple their mission?

Interested in biblical history? Read this book! At times the descriptions of the surroundings and customs and were almost a little too detailed or “documentary” for me, but this didn’t damper the experience at all. As a history buff, I can appreciate the huge amount of work the author put into this – I really admire her for that and want to read the novel again when I have the time to take in all the information, get a better feel for the time in which Jesus lived on Earth.

A Lever Long Enough is one of those books that has you thinking on the possibilities and plot idea (in this case time travel and Jesus) long after you finish. I’ve always been fascinated with time travel and this definitely fed that fascination. Add spies, sabotage, and a true wonder at what will happen next, and you have a definite page-turner. I recommend A Lever Long Enough for fans of modern action novels (I’m thinking close to the pace and excitement of 24), biblical history fiction, and time-travel.



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  • Thank you for visiting my blog. I totally understand what you mean by “Kids should be able to be kids… I don’t need to be burdening them with adult things” When my daughter (11) asks things that I think she is to young for I tell her that she is a little to young to understand that subject, not that she is unintelligent,She is very smart. However, that it is a topic better suited for when she is older and she usually respects that because she knows that I have her best interest at heart and that we will talk about it later and I am not just blowing her off. anyway, I will write forever. That Books sounds really good BTW I will have to pick up a copy. Blessings Kym @ dazees world

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