I didn’t realize just how much Emma looks like me until I found this picture of myself as a child:

And here’s Emma…

It’s been kind of hard to tell who looks like who since John and I look so similar… both having reddish hair and hazel eyes.  I had brown hair growing up with just a tinge of red.  Emma has much more red in her hair than I ever did (until I was a teen and dyed it that is!).

It’s going to be interesting to see who the little guy looks the most like over time, too.  :)

Do any of your kids look just like you?




2 Responses to A Mini-Me

  • Yes! I look just like my mom and my daughter looks just like me… We are all a bunch of mini-me’s. :) It’s fun to see how they change as they grow and you can start seeing more of who they “really” look like.

  • Ooh yes! My son looks like a boy version of me when I was a baby – except he has brown hair! It’s really interesting isn’t it? Emma is a adorable, what a sweetheart =)

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