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We spent a lot of time outside last week thanks to the beautiful weather, and of course that meant lots of casual nature study for Emma.  Here’s a photo I caught of a worm she found – as she was holding it up to show me, the bright sunshine gave it a kind of x-ray effect and I was amazed to see so clearly the insides of the worm!

earthworm inside

I thought this was a terrific way to clearly see evidence of what we had read in The Handbook of Nature Study (read it online free here) and various library books about earthworms:

1.  Its digestive system runs through its entire body. 2.  It eats dirt and the organic material in it (dead leaves, etc).

Don’t you think this is a great alternative to dissecting?  ;-)  I do.

Here’s a closeup that I darkened a bit so you can see each of the many segments:

Earthworm Digestive System


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3 Responses to A Peek Inside the Earthworm

  • Ummm….. very cool and fascinating pictures….but GROSS! LOL :)

    • Wait a minute, you have boys! You can’t say that! haha I know, though… she isn’t afraid of anything. The other day she picked up this long bug with LOTS of legs and I thought it was a centipede so I told her to drop it fast! Really freaked her out, gotta watch that. ;-) We looked up centipede and millipede and discovered it was a millipede, then it turned into a comparison of the two bugs… nature study! lol We just aren’t quite at the documenting stage yet (for her). I did start a nature study notebook myself, though. :) Way too much fun! I was meant to have a CM education.

  • I love nature studies! CM homeschooling is so much fun! My daughter saw this picture and she wanted me to capture something similar. We still need to go outside and find a large worm to try this with. So very cool! This is definitely better than dissection!

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