Emma has been quite the little artist this week!  She always seems to have princesses on the mind and so her princesses tend to have long, flowing dresses and long, flowing hair with crowns and hearts everywhere.  My birthday was on Wednesday (turned 31, eek) and the picture above was her birthday gift to me – breakfast, an illustrated bookmark, a card, and a picture she drew.  I was sooo touched by all of this!  She did it completely on her own.  :)

She knows I love her art so she also made two large-sized pictures for me to put on my walls:




I just love the fantasy in these pictures!  In the top one, I helped with the little dragon’s general shape but the rest is all her.  The little animal on a leash is a baby bear.  Don’t you love the pink and blue hair?  haha

Do you have a special place in your house for your children’s art?


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