Rad. Is that an eighties word? ;-) My cousins said it when they were teens (and I was 10 or 11)
and I thought that they must be pretty “rad” themselves for saying it. Now it just sounds funny. lol If any of my cousins are reading this right now (I doubt it – but my very cool uncle might), you guys are OLD!

I’m in a speculative and thoughtful mood right now. I just walked purposelessly (is that a word?) around our small apartment, staring blankly around and feeling like something wasn’t right. The house is clean. That’s not the problem. The baby is not crying. Wait, that’s partly the problem. In fact, she’s peacefully sleeping in her swing. John is sleeping, too. The house is silent. Too silent! I need noise, I’m not used to this… especially the fact that the baby doesn’t need me. She’s been sleeping for three hours and it’s early afternoon. So not common, but giving me a welcome rest. I’m a bit of an obsessive mommy, always making sure that Emma is clean, entertained, and fed. If a whimper escapes her I’m there in an instant, playing Sleuth Mommy and following the clues to find out what has burdened her little mind. It’s a good thing she’s easily comforted because I think I’d drive myself crazy trying to quiet an incessantly fussy baby. I consider myself blessed. :-)

So what has brought about this peaceful Sunday afternoon? Probably exhaustion. lol We had a great weekend. Our church hosted a campout and invited us to come up and camp with them. We declined the actual “camping” – as new parents we’re definitely not ready for that. But we did go up on Friday and really enjoyed ourselves. The baby was great, even though we didn’t get there until 5 or 6 p.m. and stayed until 10 p.m. (when the gates threatened to lock us in all night! Yikes!). They had a hot dog roast and we sang hymns and praise songs to John’s and another guy’s guitar playing. John, the baby, and I sat at a picnic table with five little kids, ranging in ages from 11 to 4 1/2. They oohed and aahed over the baby’s “beautiful big blue eyes” and her “nice long pretty toes” and made faces at her, trying to make her smile. Of course she did, she’s a rather social baby. Don’t know where she gets it. ;-)

Anyway, she was the belle of the ball, and sat on my lap looking fascinated and listening intently to all the little voices chattering and teasing and laughing. I think it was really good for her to be around, especially since she’s around boring old mommy and daddy usually. lol Ah, the trials of being the daughter to two computer nerds! She’s destined to become one herself.

This morning they had church at the campground so we drove out there again for service and three baptisms. It was fun, they’re a great group of people. So far, no one is afraid to be themselves – something that is common in churches. It’s hard to be yourself and have fun and be an encouragement when you’re scared to death you’ll do or say the wrong thing. It seems to happen to me anyway, despite keeping my mouth shut for fear I’ll offend someone. lol I suppose everyone has to deal with this kind of thing, though. Emma was good for the first part of the service but got restless and a bit fussy close to the end, so I took her to the car to feed her and change her diaper. She was fine after that and for the trek to the creek for the baptisms. She grinned happily in John’s arms on the way back.

You had to have known that by the time I finished this post everyone would be up. ;-) John is serenading Emma on the guitar (at least, I know that’s what she thinks, judging from the worship and awe on her face as she stares up at him) and now it’s time for me to go check Emma’s diaper… with fear and trepidation.


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