Hi all!  I’m Lindsey, [currently solo] mom to two little kindred spirits.   I’m currently working at home as a writer and am exploring many different avenues of income.  Join me in my quest to live simply, frugally, and pursue my goal to successfully make a full-time income from home!

The part where I share more than you probably wanted to know.

Half of my growing-up years I spent in Alaska, and the other half in Alabama.  Yeah, the two are polar opposites.  I like to think this experience of living in two extremely different climates/social atmospheres built character in me and made me at least appear well-traveled.  (Ha!)

I moved to Oregon as soon as I turned 19, hoping to eventually make it back to Alaska – but I never made it.  I proceeded to   1) Get a job as a part-time bookkeeper’s assistant,  2) Quit that job because it was booooring and take medical transcription from a local college, and  3)  Work as a medical transcriptionist/editor for a large hospital.  Yeah, by the time I got out of college, typing out reports was already becoming obsolete thanks to voice recognition software.  Yay.

I was homeschooled most of my school years and loved it – I actually didn’t want it to end when I graduated.  My passion for homeschooling my own two comes naturally after being taught at home by my amazing mom.  I enjoy teaching even more than I imagined I would!

What am I really like – in person?  I can be mistakenly thought shy, but my personality comes out when I know someone well.  It’s probably kind of scary.  I consider myself  an introvert, only because I need recharge time when I’m around a lot of people.  I prefer quiet walks in the woods to parties.  Correction:  I run screaming from anything resembling a party invitation.  I can be rather scatterbrained, but  I prefer to see that as part of my charm.

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  • I’m impressed by your blog and would love to connect with you. I’m a children’s spirituality advocate and would love to share with you the ways that I help families Raise Spiritually Conscious Children. You can see it at this link:

    If you see synergy in our work I would love to hear from you.


  • Lindsey, I visited your site for the first time and liked the way you introduced yourself – warm, chatty and at home with yourself and the gifts God has given you. I wish more of us could be like you. God bless you and your family. Ignatius Fernandez.

  • neat ideas!

  • I was a single Mom too so I love how you describe your life Lindsey! My two kiddos are now at Duke University (Air Force Veteran) and I have a soon-to-be Veterinarian graduating this year from NC State, so I am somewhat ahead of you on the lifetime curve. :)
    After many years as a Scientist and Editor, I am now trying my hand at being an entrepreneur! I am a partner in Naughton Braun, http://www.naughtonbraun.com and I see that you have partnered in the past with Pearl Paradise. We offer Women, something a little different, re-imagined classics that our Daughters and Grand-daughters will consider classics in their own right. In addition, we are a Women for Women company and we believe in empowering Women at every stage in our design, production, distribution, and marketing processes, so we understand your philosophy. We do all of own designs based on what we love, current jewelry trends, and pearls that are not commonly found at your local jewelry store or favorite online site. Please let us know how to go about partnering with you. And thanks for considering us!

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