Welcome! Wanna know a little bit more about me?

Name: Lindsey
Age: 26
Vocation: Home-based medical transcriptionist
Location: The USA (Northwest)

I’m a happy wife to a good-looking computer dude, mommy to a little girl born in May 2008, Emma, and usually have my nose in a book. ♥

I live in an apartment. Ugh. ♥

I’ll admit, sometimes I don’t finish the books I start and I check out more books than I can possibly read at the library. ♥

I review books for www.bookloons.com, FIRST, and children’s books for Tyndale Publishers. ♥

I’m an aspiring writer (it’s a secret) who hasn’t been writing… ♥

I love to cook but don’t like to clean up. ♥

I love crocheting, painting in watercolor, making jewelry, and trying every new craft out but seem to jump from one project to another (who cares as long as I’m having fun?). ♥

I’m a Christian, definitely not perfect but looking to serve God with my life. :-) ♥

I’m addicted to blogging! And blogs. And Cherry Pepsi. And my daughter’s giggles. And my husband. :-) ♥


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  • Hello Lindsey,
    I created a site where us Indie authors can meet up with reviewers who want free books to review. If it seems appropriate for you, the address is freebooksforreview.com . I am Ara 13, author of Drawers & Booths. Thanks.

  • Wow! I didn’t realize we had so much in common! My husband is a “computer dude” too! (programmer/webdesigner) I also LOVE books, and my goal is to be a home-based medical transcriptionist.

    I think it is so cool that your daughter knows sign language. We don’t have children yet, but my husband knows some sign and has always been interested in teaching our children when we have them.

    I saw you live in the Northwest. May I ask which state? My husband’s grandparents, cousins, and step-brothers live in Washington. I’ve never been there, but I would LOVE to go. We’re in Alabama, but Seth grew up all over because his dad was in the army. Anyway, we will definitely have to stay in touch. I may have questions about the medical transcriptionist stuff! :)

  • You are so adorable!! I can’t believe the pictures that you have up here. Some of them look professional!! I am so impressed! Can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow! Have a good night! ♥ T

  • Loving your blog, glad I found you! We're so close we should set up a play date or something!

  • Thanks for a great blog and wonderful giveaways! It was nice to read about the person behind the blog!


  • Hello Lindsey

    So nice to finally meet the young woman behind this wonderful blog. Emma is a sweetheart and I love her name. My youngest granddaughter Sophie is 15 months and makes this grandma (me) LOL smile and laugh. Thanks for all your reviews and great giveaways. Keep up the good work and give that beautiful little girl of yours a big hug from me :-)

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