I’ve finally updated my About Me post!  As a way of welcoming the new year I thought I would re-publish this – my goal is going to be to get more personal with my posts this year and share a little more of us.  I still want to do reviews and giveaways, too!  Those of you who are following this blog and commenting – I LOVE YOU!  :-)  I love every comment and try to reply either by email or in the comment.  I appreciate all of my subscribers, whether you’re lurking or not. ♥

Me, Me, Me

My name is Lindsey (aka Lindz or Linds) and I live in the gorgeous but sometimes-too-rainy Pacific Northwest.  I met my gamer/computer-nerd/musician husband here and we’ve been happily married for five years.

After three years of marriage, we were blessed with a baby girl!  Oh, I was so thrilled.  You see, I was diagnosed with endometriosis after I got married – suddenly I realized I might have trouble having a baby.  But God gave me a child, and I’m so thankful.  I really wanted a girl but told God that I wouldn’t mind a boy if he was like my husband.  When I found out I was having a girl, I was so relieved (haha)!  I grew up with one sister so I know nothing about boys, lol.

Anyway, Emma is almost 5 years old now – where has the time gone?

Two and a half years after Emma was born, Isaac was born!  So much for not having to learn about little boys.  ;-)  He’s gotta be the CUTEST little boy I’ve ever seen, though – okay, I’m somewhat biased but this child has some personality.  He’s almost 2 now and he makes me laugh every day with his antics.  Of course we’re dealing with some terrible 2′s as well but he makes up for it with cute moments (some days).

I used to work at home as a medical transcriptionist part time but after Isaac was born I quit and started taking care of my family and the home full-time.  I do have an Etsy store for designer bows that I make and sell part-time.  My husband is a computer programmer.  We’ve escaped apartment life and now live in a small house with a wonderfully large yard.  Well, wonderful for me and the kids.  When John is mowing the lawn with our push mower in the summer every week (it rains a lot here) he doesn’t think it’s so wonderful.  lol  But we just give him big hugs afterwards and he feels better.

What am I like?  I’m quiet, thoughtful (as in many thoughts abide in my head),  straightforward (at times to my detriment), and can be rather scatterbrained since I became a mom.

I love pretty much anything craft-related. I never seem to stick to one thing but have craft supplies scattered everywhere!  I particularly enjoy sewing, crocheting, and anything involving ribbon.  I’m an avid reader of all kinds of literature and yes, I have read (and loved) Jane Austen.  And Charlotte Bronte.  Jane Eyre is my favorite classic of all time!

I love cooking, but don’t love cleaning up after myself.  I love coffee (Starbucks is heaven!), expensive dark chocolate, and spending time with my family.

I’m imperfect, but happily and thankfully loved by my family and my God.  I believe in the bible and in an all-powerful God whose grace is given freely to anyone who believes He is God and truly desires to have a relationship with Him.  I’m so thankful to have Him as the center of my life, and I’m thankful that He loves and accepts me despite my mistakes!

About Kindred Spirit Mommy:

I was originally inspired by Anne to go with the kindred spirit theme – you have read Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery and the rest of the series, haven’t you?  I hope so, because if you haven’t you’re missing out!  Anne of the Island is my absolute favorite in the series.

Anyway, I feel that all mommies are kindred spirits in some way, so that’s why I decided to go with Kindred Spirit Mommy.  I’m a mommy, for sure, and all of my thoughts and feelings (and blog posts) are coming from the heart of a mom of a precocious toddler.  I have enjoyed meeting kindred spirits through this blog and the blogosphere and love sharing new and cool family products that make life easier.  It’s even better when I can offer giveaways to my readers!  I also share recipes, preschool-related fun stuff, and blog pretty much whatever inspires me.

How about you?  Feel free to share a little bit about yourself with me!  Maybe you’ve been a long-time reader but haven’t really said much, or maybe you’ve just discovered my blog.  I would love to hear from you and visit your blog as well!

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