Oh how I would love to visit THIS library!

I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they check out at the library. Think about it, all the books you’d see people checking out if you were a librarian. I can just see myself, “Oh, this person is into beading and has money problems… wonder why?”. lol

:-) The weekend before last I was able to get there for a quick but delightful “treasure hunt”. The treasure is the discovery of a new book, of course. ;-) I love the library – the smell of books (perfume is more like it), the feelings of delight and impatience at the sight of shelves and shelves of books waiting for me peruse them… I could be there all day. I had considered at one time that becoming a librarian would be the best job ever (imagine getting PAID for being at the library all day!) but found that there is a ridiculous amount (in my opinion) of schooling required, or you are encouraged to volunteer first for a certain number of hours (months, years).

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. That never happens. ;-)

I took back my last checked-out items – two Cary Grant DVDs, a CD (Jem), and the book DragonSpell by Donita K. Paul. I couldn’t make myself finish the book because I couldn’t get into it… not sure what the problem was there since I love fantasy/sci-fi, especially when it involves dragons. Anyway (wow, I get sidetracked easily), I took a quick walk through my favorite nonfiction aisles/subjects: biographies, art and photography, nature, music, and crafts. I searched in vain for a book on tree photography (looking for professional-quality photographs of trees to paint in watercolor), but was able to find treasure to take home: A book on watercolor techniques, three or four autobiographies, another Cary Grant movie (The Awful Truth – I’m really into these classic movies, can you tell?), Amazing Grace (the movie), and Auralia’s Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet. That last book I’m really enjoying at present and plan to write and post a review of when I’m finished reading it. Right now I’m just taking my time with it, happy that I found such a well-written book to read.

When I left the library, I was happily clutching my newfound treasure to my heart, feeling as good as if I’d just been shopping. What do you think you can tell about me by the books/movies I checked out? ;-)


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