I don’t know why I call these Wordless Wednesday… they’re never wordless! ;-)

This week Emma learned to say kitty cat! I even taught her to meow, and it is SO cute. We don’t even have a cat, so this is a significant feat – lol. She’s in love with my cat calendar on the wall… guess I’d better get a 2010 cat calendar.

She also discovered that she can eat apples all by herself! Meaning she has enough front teeth now, lol. I brought a big case of apples home from Costco and she thought they were balls and was rolling them on the floor. Then suddenly she took a bite out of one, and the expression on her face was hilarious! It was like a lightbulb above her head. Maybe when people first discovered they could eat coconuts it was the same… Can you just see them bowling or playing ball with them and accidentally breaking one open? Ah, the expression of shock and delight…

Wait, I said shock and delight.

Guess that’s as close as we’re gonna get. ;-)

Mmmm… something about eating it all by yourself makes it taste so much better.

It’s so much fun discovering these new things with your toddler. :-)

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