One of our favorite places to go for fun in our area is to the aquarium.  We have a pass and it has been so worth the money (thanks, Groupon!).  :)   It isn’t a huge aquarium, it’s actually one of the smallest I’ve been to – but it does have some very nice attractions, including this awesome tank of jellyfish…

DSC_0011 (2)-001
…tide pools, a place to hold and learn about lorikeets…

… and Emma’s very FAVORITE place, the Stingray and Shark pool.  They can touch them!

DSC_0023 (2)-001

And it’s amazing how the stingrays will come right up to the side as they’re swimming by and to the person standing there.


Though it is entirely possible that Emma is a stingray whisperer.  ;-)
She giggles, she tells kids who are too scared to touch them, “It’s easy!  They feel slippery, they won’t hurt you!”.

DSC_0067 (2)-001

Emma never wants to move on after we reach the stingrays, and who can blame her?

Talk about FUN hands-on learning, right?  I really get a kick out of watching her with them.


5 Responses to Aquarium Adventures: My Daughter, The Stingray Whisperer ;-)

  • That is pretty cool that they come up the side like that! Most stingray’s that I have been able to pet, are much smaller than that guy.

  • That is really neat! I still remember touching a sting ray when I was 6 at Sea World in FL.

  • Looks like lots of fun! We have a tiny zoo here in Abilene that we purchased a zoo membership to. None of our other bases have had a zoo so close we like to go as often as possible. Even if we can be done in under an hour we take our time and have a picnic there.

  • Laugh Out Loud!!! This is just a scream!!! Makes you wonder what she will want to “be” when she grows up!

    • Oh, it changes daily… she told the dentist she wanted to be a clown, then later she wanted to be a dental hygienist (the woman who cleaned her teeth made an impression, lol), sometimes she wants to be an animal doctor… other times an explorer. I just asked her again and she said she just wants to live in a house and be a mommy. ;-)

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