A man invented this, right?

*Edit:  I received a comment from a reader sharing that a baby was harmed when using one of these types of bottle holders – please please use caution and never walk away from your baby while he or she is feeding.*

My initial reaction to these pictures was “Oh my word, is this laziness or what?”.  You see, I breastfeed my baby.  There’s no way I can get away from holding my baby while feeding, so you can’t blame me for thinking that (maybe with a bit of jealousy).  I personally wouldn’t want to put my child down and let him eat alone anyway.  There’s something so sweet and comforting about holding and feeding a baby.  They like to look at mommy or daddy while feeding – it’s a special bonding time for us and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

That said, I’ve never had twins or triplets, or more than one  baby at one time.  So I imagine that these inventions are helpful for some.  I can’t even imagine what they must go through taking care of more than one wailing, hungry infant!

Here are some baby bottle holders invented by parents who need a break… BAD.

Baby Bottle Prop-Up Holder – www.pixiepatterns.com

Baby Butler – www.babybutler.net

I can actually see trying to use something like this while reading, lol.  Because I DO use one hand to hold my ereader while feeding.  BUT while sitting in a restaurant?  I think not.


The Extra Hand – www.extrahandproducts2.com

Bebe Bottle Sling – www.bottlesling.com

Pacifeeder – www.pacifeeder.com

Baby Bottle Ball Holder (Personalized) – sewlittleones.etsy.com

Baby Bottle Prop – RonnasThisandThat.etsy.com

I did read that it might be dangerous to prop your baby’s bottle in their mouth, especially while they’re very young… so be careful if you’re doing that!



22 Responses to Baby Bottle Holders – What’s Your Take? Lazy or a Necessity?

  • i like holding baby too while feeding but sometimes i need my hands. I liked the pop up pillow thing from pixiepatterns personally LOL

    • I can see using something as the baby gets older and can hold onto it, like that prop-up pillow you like. lol Etsy has a bib prop-up pillow that’s cute.

  • As a mother of twins +1 I would have loved to have this! As they got older I found it hard to nurse them at the same time so I would nurse one and have the other in the bouncy chair beside me and I would either have to hold his bottle or have a ton of blankets propped up to hold the bottle. People just need to use common sense when using items like this.

  • Oh, lord. What will they think of next? It’s so dangerous to prop your baby’s bottle and feed them when they’re so little. I know it’s inconvenient, but come on! What mom do you know that gets to enjoy a warm meal EVER? LOL! It’s part of the price of motherhood.

    As the baby gets older and starts to hold on to the bottle by himself, then I don’t have as much of a problem with it. Personally, I’d much rather feed my baby myself than to just stick him somewhere. They’re only little for so long… I plan to hold him as much as I can! ;)

    I can find so many other things to waste my money on…..

    • I feel the same way… and I laughed out loud at “I can find so many other things to waste my money on…” :)

    • I used to think that these contraptions were just laziness… then I became an auntie to twins! I would have LOVED these when I was trying to tandem feed my nieces. They would eat at different rates, so one baby would be ready to burp, but I had to put both bottles down to pick one baby up to put over my knee to burp. I think buying one for a singleton so that mommy or daddy can prop and go with the bottle is lazy (and could be dangerous), but for multiples, they are such a good idea!

  • OMG I saw something like this a year or so ago @ Burlington & literally stared at it for like 5 minutes in awe of the stupidity & you know some lazy ass parent is super proud of themselves for thinking it up too!

  • If you were a parent of twins or triplets..you would understand why these products are necessary. Most of them were invented by parents of multiples (not lazy parents who do not wish to hold their babies) because it is impossible to feed two, three babies when you are home alone.

    • I can’t even imagine how hard it must be with multiples, especially with no extra help! Thanks for making that point – I can see why some of these would be a lifesaver for mommy. :)

    • yes ur right when you are by your self this thigs help a lot iven if you dont have twins

  • Wow they’re all awesome and/or funny of course :)_

  • Love these holders, I had twins and these were lifesavers!! Thanks to all those who create such handy helpers!! No one ever called me lazy, I have four!!

  • Hello,

    I came across this article assuming a hands-on mother wrote about being lazy with a bottle holder in use. I happen to invent one recently getting ready to go to manufacturing and for the soel purpose of not having my son drop his bottles on the floor or the ground is why I made it. Im a single dad and look after my son a great deal (early development issues and all) so really it is out of convenience that my son avoids getting sick from germs and crap under our feet so he can have his drinks. So I contest that it is not out of laziness more in the matter of common sense health concern. Thanks.

  • ive got an idea for a baby bottle holder but dont know who too see or where to get the material made….???

  • This r dangerous… How many parents r sitting right there watching. Hold your kid!

  • I find this all so interesting as lots of things have changed since I had a kid 18 yrs ago. ( I didn’t even know they could get an ear infection from that!) However there’s nothing new that really hasn’t already been done. Lol. I can remember propping my son’s back with a pillow and rolling a small blanket to wedge in front of him, so he could lie on his side and drink his bottle … I had a roller blanket holding the bottle up while I tried to get dressed really quick. It’s amazing how innovative one an become as a parent. I think it’s all about common sense and knowing when/when Not to do something. Most parents are right there by the baby while propping these bottles and just need a free hand for a moment. I also understand who this can be extremely helpful to a parent of multiples.

  • I did this search to understand a product that my patient’s parents were using. I am caring for an infant who apparently asphyxiated while utilizing this type of product last night. Dad was checking on their other child and mom was not home at the time.They are busy parents of twins who thought the device was safe. Now they are speaking with Organ Network.
    It’s not a question of laziness but a question of safety. Please be carefull if you use these and make sure you can see your child at all times while he feeds this way.

  • To all of you who think this is for lazy parents it must be great to be able to stay at home with your kids? I am a mother of 2 that works full time so I bought one of these not so I could walk off and leave my baby to feed by himself but to still be able to do things like read to my daughter while feeding my son. Don’t be so quick to judge some of us are literally time poor.

  • This is SO DANGEROUS! Not only is it a choking hazard … but babies have also been suffocated by some of the products out there and there have also been deaths that have been documented due to bottle propping.
    Everyone has a “justification” for using either one of these products or using a pillow or blanket to prop the bottle – but that doesn’t minimize the danger.
    I have done it too – out of ignorance. I didn’t leave my child alone while doing it either … They were right with me and they started choking. It scared me. It scared me enough to never do it again. It scared me enough to start reading about baby safety and educate myself.
    We have the internet at our fingertips – there is no excuse for ignorance in this day and age. Putting our children at risk like that is nothing less than child abuse at that point. Justify it as you want …. but wrong is wrong.
    Mom to 7 …. ages: 18, 18, 18, 17, 15, 14, 8

  • Nice sexist comment

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