We’ve made some progress in the potty training area, finally!

Well, I call it progress, but Emma’s actually being potty trained is still afar off.  Mainly because I’m too worn out with this pregnancy to be consistent at the moment.  Sad, but true.  :)

But I can tell she is very close to being ready!  For these reasons:

  • She sits on the potty very willingly (of her own accord), and associates it with fun since I’ve given her stickers every time she does so.
  • She now says “ewwwww!” regarding her dirty diapers when I change them.  Hey, that’s progress!
  • She sheds her diapers as often as she can – I don’t think she likes them (and I don’t blame her).

These are very good signs, but there are also signs she’s not quite ready.  Yet.

  • I tried dangling some “pretty undies” with Fancy Nancy on them in front of her in hopes that she would love them so much she would ditch the diapers.  Alas, she had no interest in them and shook her head emphatically with an evil half smile on her face when I asked her if she wanted to wear them.  Sigh.  Maybe I should try some Winnie the Pooh undies next time…
  • She has no desire to pull her pants and diaper down before sitting on the potty.
  • She still doesn’t mind having a dirty diaper.  She may think it’s “ew”, but she isn’t desperate to have it removed.

I really want to have her potty trained before the new baby comes in January.  I am glad she’s getting used to the idea of using the potty – she just hasn’t actually gone in it yet, though I’ve tried bribery and begging.  Oh well, it’ll happen soon I’m sure!

So how and when was your little one potty trained?  I’ve heard it’s different with each kid.  What worked for you?


3 Responses to Are We Ready For Potty Training? How About Now?

  • We were lucky with our oldest (now 6). He got potty trained in daycare. All the other kids were going on the potty so he went there too. Our youngest (3) is refusing all potty training attempts. He’ll sit on the potty for a long stretch of time, but will refuse to do anything in it. When his pull up is on, he’ll look at us and declare that he is about to pee or poop, but will refuse to do it on the potty. He’s being very stubborn. I don’t know where he gets that from. *whistles innocently*
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  • Just stopping by to say thanks for the comment on my blog! Congrats on your upcoming arrival! I am right where you are with potty training…progress but not quite there yet. My little boy pees on the potty if I put him on it and wears underwear but I have to remind him to go on the potty (he doesn’t just get up and go himself) but he is not liking pooping on the potty! I’m not as consistent as I’d like either because of my newborn. :( Parenting is a struggle huh?
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  • My daughter was 2 1/2 when she potty trained. She was so easy – she was ready and she practically did it all herself. My son is quite a bit more difficult. Like Kristi above me, he’ll wear underwear and go when I tell him to, but won’t go on his own. We have been watching Potty Power non-stop for the past two weeks. He’ll be so upset on Saturday when I have to return it to the library.
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