There’s a reason ARTistic Pursuits is so popular.  (And believe me, it IS – especially with homeschoolers.)  It’s easy to follow but thorough, covers all types of art mediums, can be used for multiple ages at the same time, introduces kids to art history and different painting styles, and is keeps the FUN and freedom in art expression while teaching technique at the same time.

I was given the opportunity to review Early Elementary K-3, Book 1: Introduction to the Visual Arts with Emma (first grade) and Isaac (preschool).  I was thrilled – I’ve been drooling over this curriculum ever since I first started hearing homeschoolers rave about it!


The art curriculum that covers everything!

The ARTistic Pursuits book I received is the early elementary guide and contains 36 lessons/art projects covering:

  • How to teach simply
  • How to think like an artist
  • How to handle art materials
  • Portraits and landscapes
  • Still-life and figures
  • Shapes, color, spaces, and textures
  • Places around the world art can be found (books, palaces, cities, pyramids, etc)

A detailed look at each lesson

I’m really fond of the layout and simplicity of each lesson, as well as the overall view of art that is given to the student over the course of the book.  At the beginning of each lesson, the student learns something new about what being an artist truly is, then they are shown a famous painting or piece of art and asked to really examine and think about what it is representing.  Finally, the student is given a project that ties into the two previous pages, whether that is sculpting with clay, using pencil, or acrylic paint.  The book goes into detail on how to use the art materials in each lesson.  For instance, in the lesson that asks children to paint of picture using watercolor crayons and paintbrushes, it has to examples showing both how to and how not to use the brush.

To see example lessons from this particular book (including the lesson mentioned above), click HERE.


What we really think about ARTistic Pursuits

I’m honestly more pleased with this curriculum than I thought I would be!  It is a joy to teach, is simple to read and understand (both for myself and my kids), I love seeing the kids’ delight over their art and what they’re learning (Isaac surprised me by having a special affinity and patience for it), and it covers so many aspects of art that I know my children are getting thorough instruction like they would in an art class I had paid for.  I’m happy over the fact that so many mediums are taught, and I’m loving that it contains art history that is interactive and makes the child think.

The prices of these books range from $40 to 50, a price I think is well worth paying for what you are receiving.  The book is full of pictures and illustrations, is super easy to follow for both student and teacher, and is fun.  I recommend it without hesitation!

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