Summer is here! And with all the delights and fun-filled days at the park comes the challenge of keeping your little one safe from the sun. The last thing I want my one-year-old to have to deal with is a sunburn, so as soon as the weather started turning warm I started looking for ways to keep the sun off of her fair skin.

This is where Baby Banz came in. Started by one Australian who couldn’t find a good option for his infant son when it came to sunglasses, Baby Banz has a wide selection of 100% UV protectant sunglasses and other sun protection products for babies, toddlers, and children.

You’re going to love the features of these sunglasses:

  • 100% UVA/UVB Protection Lenses
  • Durable polycarbonate Ophthalmic quality
  • Capable of being replaced with prescription lenses
  • Side adjustable Velcro® allows for years of wear as the child grows
  • Frame is made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate
  • Category 3 lenses offer high sunglare reduction and good UV protection
We received a pair of toddler sunglasses to review from Baby Banz and I really like them, especially the fact that they stay on with a flexible, adjustable band around my daughter’s head. I don’t have a photo of them yet, but I will be posting one in the future. Until then, here’s how the sun hat that came with the sunglasses fit:

Before receiving this sun hat from Baby Banz, I had already purchased two sun hats for my daughter (from Target). Neither of them fit well, despite being “one size fits all”. And I found both of them in the baby section. Saggy with chin straps that were way too huge, they didn’t fit well at all. Baby Banz sun hats don’t have chin straps, but they do have adjustable elastic velcro strap above the brim so you can be sure it fits the head snugly. I love the floppy brim (not too floppy!) and adorable floral design – I love this super cute hat and will definitely want the next size up (for ages 2-5) when she grows out of it. Oh, and another very cool feature? It has a UV protection rating of 50+. Can’t beat it for cuteness and usefulness!

I would recommend Baby Banz to anyone after having such a positive experience with their products – and just look at how cute my daughter is in that sun hat. :-)

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



4 Responses to Baby Banz Toddler Sun Hat and Sunglasses Review

  • LOVE baby banz! We use the hat (in camo) and matching shades on our youngest and he is SO CUTE in them, plus it’s reassuring to know they’re helping protect his sensitive little eyes!

  • I love that the hat is floral on the outside and animals on the inside. Emma looks adorable in it.

  • So now I’m jealous of the sun hat… lol. I am tempted to get one but am going to wait since I’ll be reviewing one from Sun Grubbies!

  • Pixie has just gotten into liking to wear sunglasses, but unlike the others, these will stay on her face!

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