I love window shopping. It’s the next best thing to buying. ;-) Better, even – at times. I’m one of those people who hates trying on clothes with a passion, partly because it’s hard to find clothes that fit well and are stylish nowadays. Without it costing you an arm and a leg, anyway.

ANYWAY. Goodness gracious, I am so flighty-minded! If I ever write a book, I’m going to have to create a character that can’t keep her mind on the subject at hand… there I go again!

After a full month of being sick with the cold from hell, I’m finally feeling better. On Saturday I went window-shopping (you knew I was going to come back around to that, right?) and SO enjoyed myself! It was a blessing that the day was sunny and beautiful. My friend Ranae and I walked through the way-too-expensive-to-actually-buy-anything Bridgeport Village, and Emma enjoyed the view from my front pack. My favorite stores were the maternity store (but no nursing clothes, what’s up with that?) and the toy store. I guess my life revolves around my child now that I have one, lol. It’s MUCH more fun buying for her than for me! We also walked through Whole Foods (very cool place, but they neglected to have any free samples out for me) and The Container Store – it was my first time at the latter and I am sold! I keep thinking of things I need to buy there as I walk through my apartment and mentally organize clutter into much-needed containers.

One thing I know for sure – I can’t use that front pack baby carrier again. *UGH* It was awesome when she was tiny, but now that she’s so heavy (I’ll know for sure how much next Tuesday at her 9-month checkup) it’s really painful to wear. Seriously, the minute I put her in the carrier my shoulders started hurting. That is sad. But it was a Walmart buy, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. ;-) It might work better worn on the back, I’m not sure. I don’t think Emma would like to be worn on the back – she likes to see everything we’re doing, hold my fingers with her hands, and crane her neck around to peer up into my face. Okay, truth here. I’m the one who wants to have her where I can see her, hold her little hands, and have easy access to my lil’ baby. Who wouldn’t? :-)

Here the pain has become a dull ache and I’m bravely ignoring it (lol)

The carrier I would love to have is the Beco Butterfly II – not only is it cute, slim, and stylish, but it’s supposed to let you carry the baby’s weight on your hips. That’s more like it.

The Beco Butterfly II – no I do not know this person. I love that carrier, though!

We also FINALLY got some family pictures! We haven’t had a picture of the three of us since we took one ourselves out on the patio about four months ago. And we know how fast babies grow. Though Emma is still very bald, so she looks pretty similar. ;-) In these pictures, though, she was looking everywhere but at the camera despite Ranae’s most desperate attempts to get her to smile. Oh well, we’ll just have to take more! My husband will be so happy. (He yawned through three pictures, lol)

Do you have any recommendations when it comes to baby carriers? The other carrier I like is the Mei Tai (I think). Emma is 9 months old now – is it too late to buy a new carrier?



8 Responses to baby carrier torture, window shopping, and family pictures (finally!)

  • I like the first one. The second on would not really let her see anything. As far as getting a new one, only you can decide if you can carry her weight. she is only going to get heavier. I think a stroller is your next best choice. Great family pictures.

  • I use a homemade Moby wrap – it’s just 5 yards of jersey, cut to 20″ wide. You can find videos and tutorials all over the interwebs for how to wear it, but it’s super versatile, with lots of different ways to wrap it to hold your baby. The great thing is that it wraps ALL OVER YOUR BACK, so the weight is really evenly distributed…like being pregnant all over again.;-)

    Let me know if you want more info…I can send you a link to a tutorial to make it, and a link to the instructions, too.

  • Sorry, no good advice on baby carriers, but I did want to say: Go Beavs! So nice to see a sweatshirt for my alma mater! :) Since moving to Texas, whenever I say I went to OSU, they think Oklahoma State. ;)

  • I use this one and love it…Kelle suggested it and it's a dream!


    HTH :)

  • I know your pain! I wore my baby a lot of this weekend in a pouch sling. She is 3 1/2 months and oh my word I could barely move my neck Saturday night. I guess I need to find something that distributes the weight better too.

  • The Ergo is really comfortable for bigger kids…I even wore my 2 year old with it while I was pregnant. I love the Bjorn and have used it up to a year old for my first two. I don’t really like the look of the ergo but it works well!

  • I have two Peanut Shells that I used when Violet was a baby. Seriously, my all time favorite sling – then she grew. Now, I use a Bjorn. I got it in almost perfect condition on eBay for a great price. I am really happy with it, but it does STILL make my shoulders hurt. Violet weighs twenty pounds, so I am guessing it will hurt no matter what I do.

    Lovely family pictures.

  • I used a maya with Brendan and Hotslings with Lilli and I was in love with the Maya until I used the hotslings…which I freaking can’t live without!! Lil is 13 mos and I’m still using it…you can use them to 30lbs.

    I also use an Ergo..which is FANTASTIC and I can still carry my 3yo in it. They are designed to carry up to 60lbs? CRAZY…carries the weight on your hips..designed by Europeans :)
    I did use this a few time with Lil when she was an infant (feels SO much more secure than slings when I’m grocery shopping)…I also found it incredibly easy to breastfeed incognito while using the Ergo as a front carrier :)

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