Isaac has been moving and kicking in the womb like CRAZY lately.  There are times he will slow down and barely kick through a day, then there are days that I feel like crying because he’s stretching and pushing on everything and it just hurts (it’s worse when I’m more exhausted).  Sometimes I’m AMAZED my water doesn’t break because he’s pushing very strongly very LOW.

I had two sleepless nights last week during which he kicked and pushed and moved nonstop from about 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., I’m not kidding.  The night before last was one of these nights, and I had strong, frequent contractions at the same time.  I was sure I would go into labor, but of course I didn’t…

I was wondering, do you remember if your baby was moving a lot or completely stopped moving right before you went into labor? I think it probably depends on the baby… I do remember Emma kicking me in the ribs the entire time I was laboring and pushing (boy was that uncomfortable!).  But I can’t remember in the days before what she was doing.


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  • My first son (6week early) got very still for a few days and that night he went crazy moving, then I went to leaking. My 2nd (full term) kicked all the way out & in the ribs too.

  • That’s not a belly pic of you is it? Anyways, I wish I could help. I was induced with both of my kids but both were pretty calm when they were inducing. You are getting close!

  • Since I’ve never gone into labor on my own, I’m not the best person to answer your question. I have several friends who noticed the baby got real calm about 2 days before they went into labor.

    I’m sorry I can’t be much help, but I sure do hope your time is soon! When is your next doctor’s appointment?

  • My boys were movers for sure. I do not recall my daughter moving a ton, but I did gain a TON of weight with my daughter (first born) like about 100lbs or so .. maybe I was too fat to feel too much! LOL I do recall AJ my second born often sticking his foot out, it was so weird.

    I do not remember if movement increased or decreased if at all either way before labor. Wish I could remember …. but funny how we forget some things about labor/pregnancy.

  • My son was definitely a mover but I remember the night before I went into labor, he was rather quiet and I was exhausted for some reason and was asleep by 8pm which was odd for me. I woke up at 6:30am with contractions and he was pretty quiet the whole time and was born that afternoon.

  • Nate was a week overdue, and he stopped moving the week of his delivery. Although I never went into labor, I’d like to think he was going to come out on his own that week.

  • My little man was so long that he stopped kicking quite a while before the birth, but he did try and stretch and push, which was really uncomfortable

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