Well, we enjoyed our weekend. :-) John enjoyed his birthday and even requested that I make him another cake yesterday after we’d finished off the first one! lol That’s quite a shocker – I didn’t think he liked cake that much. He didn’t think he liked cake, either, but said this recipe was the best he’d ever had. I’m glad I found it. :-)

The baby is busy busy busy! One day last week she woke up and started noticing more, grabbing at more, being waaay more vocal. That’s what it seems like anyway – like she’s grown overnight. Her hands are in her mouth all the time now and she drools like crazy (teething?). Yesterday she tried to grab the remote control for the TV. It starts. lol

She’s checking out her vocal abilities, too. She makes noises that range from low cooing noises when she’s playing to delighted shrieks and then loud, frustrated wails (sounds more like yelling, lol) when things aren’t going right or she’s tired. She’s become a little screaming banshee (well, not quite, but boy can she make some noise when she wants to!).

A popular baby item right now is babylegs – leggings for babies. They’re also called Crawlers and many other things – Etsy has a lot of them for sale because they’re pretty easy to make. I say that, but I haven’t actually “made” any. lol My version of babylegs is what you see below on Emma. A pair of kids’ socks wit the foot cut out. LOL It does fray at the top, but does the job. And until I get a sewing machine, this is going to be the way she wears them. ;-) I think they’re cute anyway.

The camera again? John is training her well…

She’s wiggling her way to the floor…

Almost there!

Looking like the cat that ate the canary…

After her bath

What a nerdling! (not Ranae, lol)

Chillin’ in her swing

Gotta get those elbows straightened…! ;-)


One Response to Babylegs, Cakes, and the Screaming Banshee

  • Your little girl is just darling!
    I remember all those sweet moments with my little guy. Now he’s an official toddler and busy as can be.
    Enjoy this…it goes by too fast.

    (visiting from MBC)

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