Me:  You are up waaay too late.
Me:  But it’s Friday night…
Me:  But you’re very tired.  And  you know the baby is going to wake up crying as soon as your head hits the pillow.
Me:  But it was worth having all of this ALONE time.  Remember?  Remember when you had alone time?
Me:  Yes, it was wonderful. And boring.  You should sleep while you have the chance.
Me:  True.  It was boring.  I loooove my kids to pieces.  I know I should sleep, but I want to have fun, too.
Me:  Is it fun feeling like a zombie during the day because you stayed up too late?
Me:  Are you my mother?  Do you deny me a few hours at night to do whatever I want for awhile?  My brain is actually waking up!  I didn’t know I still had a brain!
Me:  You’re still being stupid, regardless.  Go to sleep.
Me:  Oh, fine.  Bossy.

(Does this ever happen to you?  What do you do when you have alone time?)


4 Responses to Battling With Myself

  • Almost every night! I usually watch a movie or catch up on quiet cleaning or schoolwork. :/ but I always feel terrible when i’m not totally full of happy energy for my 15 month old.

  • That is me almost every night! My son no longer takes naps, so my only time is when he’s asleep, so usually I am staying up late every night. Fortunately, he usually sleeps until 8 or 9am so I at least I get to kind of sleep in!

  • Haha, sounds like my every night. I stay up way too late but my two yr.old doesnt nap anymore so between him and the baby I NEVER get alone time. I usually catch up on reading or vegging out on the couch with the hubbie watching a movie..( one without talking cars). Some nights Im cleaning..another thing I cant do with the two of them! Lol

  • It happens to me and it happen with the exact same topic. I love night, I love the isolation and I dont think there is anything like it, I remember as a student I would stay up until 5am then go to bed for 12 hours missing out the hustle bustle. I love to remember it, when I get the chance I stay up as late as I can and face the consequences the next day as I think the alone time is worth it!

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