I know, I know – pollen, flowers, blah blah blah. But really, why the stingers? Why stingers that can hurt humans? *huff*

I don’t like bees. (You probably had that figured out by now.) In fact, they’re the one thing I have an irrational fear over that drives me to near hyperventilation and the need to FLEE. Most of the time I can overcome the temptation to flip out publicly, but inside? Inside I’m flipping out. lol Two recent incidents: Once in Walmart I grabbed the shopping cart and felt something on my hand – I looked down and a bee fell off of my hand onto the ground in the store. I did a little dance, stomped on the bee, grabbed my husband… it’s a good thing nobody knows us in that town. ;-) The next incident? There was a wasp in the car – I had just put my daughter in her car seat and went to get in and there was the wasp hoving in the car… AIIEEEE! I was getting pretty upset, wondering what I was going to do and how I was going to get that thing out of there. Thankfully it landed on the floorboard and I was able to kill it. All the drive home I was praying that there were no other wasps in the car because I didn’t know what I would do…

The Story

What brought this on (I know you’re dying to find out) was an incident from my childhood. We were a big outdoors kind of family. We were always hiking, exploring, camping. I remember playing ball with my dad and sister at our campsite when I was about 10 years old. The ball rolled underneath a picnic table and I went after it, of course. Next thing I know there are bees everywhere and I’m being stung repeatedly. Now this was NOT a “My Girl” incident (why that movie stays in my mind I don’t know, lol) or a horror-movie-like incident in which I was covered in bees from head to toe – it must have been a small-ish nest. Still, the effect was immediate and terrifying. I had bees (wasps, hornets, whatever they were) clinging to my pants and shirt and stinging repeatedly. Apparently I wasn’t lucky enough to get the kind that die after stinging once. I remember running into our camper and my mom getting my clothes off super fast (thanks, mom!) to get the bees off of me. *shudder* And boy those stings hurt for a long time!

So now you know the reasoning behind my fear… when I hear a buzz I glance around nervously. When I see a bee I give it a wide berth and if it hovers too close I start a crazy swatting motion with my arms and leap to safety. Yeah, I know swatting isn’t the smartest thing to do but it’s like my body has a mind of its own…

Perhaps this is why I don’t like the color yellow.

(Just writing this post and thinking of bees has my skin crawling, LOL)

Yeah, I don’t know what my stinging wit has to do with this post. It just sounded good at the time. ;-)

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Got any good bee stories?

What’s your irrational fear? Please tell me I’m not alone…

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6 Responses to Bees, Irrational Fears, and … My Stinging Wit

  • Eeek I'd have a fear also! I have a huge fear for snakes. My brother used to go pick them up when I was about 8 and chase me around. I hate them. I will never go near them. They are gross, and freak me right out!

  • We spray a lot of Bee and Wasp Killer around our house. My husband bleaches our overhang so they don't decide to move in. I like flowers but I'll gladly pave the whole yard to avoid the stingers. I only got stung once. I stepped on a bee.

  • I was on a Girl Scouts Camping Trip one year. A few of us were sitting in our cabin after arriving and then the bees started multiplying and stinging. We all ran out of there and they chased! There was a nest under the stairs leading into the cabin. I ended up being stung about 6 times. I hate bees, but try not to freak out and pass my fear onto the boys.

    I had a spider incident the other day driving. I'm driving along and there is a spider crawling across the sun visor, Eeek! I debated smashing it with the napkin in my hand, but what if I missed and it fell on my lap?! I pulled over and snuck under the spider now on my door. After a show that must have been hilarious to the couple watching outside the grill I got it and it was out of the car.

  • Yikes…yes, I'd say your fear of bees is totally justified! I'm with you…not a fan of bees or any bugs really. Although roaches are just the absolute worst…I'm terrified of them. in fact, it was scary for me to just type the word!

  • I don't have a fear of them…rather I am scared crazynuts of spiders!

    My daughters room is in a bee theme…all based around a 1908 print I bought entitled "Stung". :)

  • Bees terrify me. I freak out in public. It's partially why sunflowers scare me, they're covered in bees. I was stung on the head at 4 and had a bump grow over the stinger. I think I finally get it removed this year. I've always been too scared to do it because it sounds like a painful thing but I figure since I've endured labor and now a hysterectomy, I can handle that!

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