Does anyone else remember these fluffy toys?  I vividly remember mine!  I had completely forgotten about it until I came across a photo of one recently and thought, “Hey, I remember THOSE!”.

This is what mine looked like:

Kind of fun remembering these old toys.  :)  Too bad I didn’t keep it!

Did you have a Popple?


4 Responses to {Blast From the Past} Remember Popples?

  • I had several Popples! They were the best:) I asked for one weekly when I was little

  • i so remember these and i still have one i do believe they were so much fun to turn inside and cover them all up i have a big one and a little one

  • My daughter got one from church over Easter, someone donated it for prizes at the egg hunt,
    it was a white one and she loves it!

  • I received a Popple once from my mom when I went in for a surgery. It stayed by my side and comforted me.

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