I have got to catch up on this!

I received more awards! Ah, nothing cooler and more encouraging than that! :-)

First of all –

The “I Love Your Blog” Award!

This was sent to me by Kelly from Our Family Ramblings!

Part of accepting the award is:

*displaying the award
*linking back to the person who gave it to you
*paying it forward & nominating 7 blogs
*adding links to those seven blogs
*leaving comments on their blog telling them you gave them an award
*enjoying the award
(and I put mine in my side bar to show it off, hehe)

So here’s who I’m bestowing this prestigious reward to:

1. Kalea_Kane from En Route To Life
2. Tena from Punky Monkeys
3. Tara from Tara’s View of the World
4. Julie at Cool Mom Guide
5. Margaret at Creative Madness
6. Lindsey at Mommy Chronicles (You should check out Lindsey’s blog design – it’s affordable and she’s great to work with – she did mine!)
7. Tammy from Pink Stinx

The Superior Scribbler Award!

Very kindly presented to me by Tammy from Pink Stinx!

The rules for this award are:
1: Post the award on your blog
2: Link to the person who gave it to you
3: Link to the originating post
4: Pass the award on to 5 people.
5: Post the rules for the recipients

So here are the five lucky recipients (hehe, I’m so funny):

1. Gwendolyn from All’s Fair in Love and Chocolate
2. Brenda from In the Treetop
3. Sunny from That Book Addiction
4. Margaret at Creative Madness
5. Michelle from Raising Little Women
6. Karla from Ramblin’ Roads
7. Kelly from Our Family Ramblings

Karla from Another Road to Ramble (Ramblin’ Roads?) tagged me for this one!

Seven Random Facts About Me:

1. I’m fascinated by history and love to read about it – fiction, nonfiction, and especially autobiographies and diaries.

2. I’ve read the entire Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery. I re-read them at least once a year!

3. I grew up in Alaska and took figure skating lessons until I was about twelve, when we moved (sadly). I’m pretty sure I would have gone somewhere with that if I had had the chance. I can still do spins on one foot but I’m pretty rusty. ;-)

4. I love to cook, and I especially love trying new cookie recipes. :-)

5. Although I’ve been reading ravenously since I was a kid, I haven’t met any authors in person! :-( I have, however, corresponded with many admired authors through email. It’s so nice to have the internet connection nowadays!

6. My favorite book-to-movie movies are Love Comes Softly and Love’s Enduring Promise (but the rest of them I was disappointed with except for the last one made), Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (but I haven’t seen the second one), Thr3e (based on Ted Dekker’s novel), and The Last Sin-Eater (based on Francine Rivers’ novel). I’ve probably missed one… oh! Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea should be at the top of this list! :-)

7. I almost began a degree in education and English when I was trying to decide what I wanted to be “when I grew up”. ;-) I ended up going for something quicker first, medical transcription. Now I’m an MT and I work at home, which is a blessing because now I can be with my daughter.
I’m going to tag everyone on my follower’s list for this one!

And another one! Jewelz from Reviewz by Jewelz tagged me on this one:

I would like to know what people keep close by their computer for books. So I was thinking that I would start a Sunday feature of my own that includes tagging 4 other bloggers, not necessarily book bloggers. My meme is:

1. What book is on the left hand side of your computer or closest to the left hand side?

I don’t really keep books close to the computer unless I’m writing reviews on them… so since I recently read The Shadow of Colossus by T.L. Higley, that’s what is in here. Along with my medical transcription word books and PDR. Also Dare to Discipline by Dr. James Dobson. These are all on the right side. ;-)

2. Are you reviewing it, is it your favourite, or is it there for some other reason and specify.

Well, Dare to Discipline I’m just reading. It’s the only child-rearing book we have and so I thought I’d check it out. The Shadow of Colossus I reviewed. (Review HERE)

3. Go to page 38 and write down from the 2nd paragraph, the first 4 sentences.

(From Shadow of Colossus)

Tessa pulled her arms away. Obviously the man had no idea who she was. They moved in different worlds. She raised her eyes to his. “Get out of my way.”
“Oooh, she has claws!” His lips split into a grin, revealing missing and rotting teeth. He circled her waist with one arm.
Tessa thought of the cat, free to run the streets as it wished. Claws indeed. She slapped his face with fingers curled inward and dragged her nails across his cheek.

4. Tag 4 friends and pass them this avatar.

I’m going to tag everyone on my followers list and invite anyone else who wants to to complete this. :-)


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