I’ve come across some wonderful blog posts lately that I really think should be shared, so I made up a list for you!  At the end of this list, I’m including a linky.  If you’ve come across any great posts that you feel should be shared or have one that you’ve written yourself, feel free to add it to the linky.  I hope you enjoy this great collection of posts and can think of something to add yourself!

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Jenna from A Mom’s Balancing Act shares her pacifier-weaning experience. All it took was a fun Build-a-Bear trip and it was done!  I love this method!

Jacinda at Prudent Baby is a total genius: she has a quick and easy fix for baby dresses on your little crawler.  I remember going through this stage.  I didn’t put Emma’s dresses on her very often because she would cry with frustration at not being able to crawl very efficiently.  If I have a little girl again someday, I’m so doing this!

Simple Mom has a wonderful and helpful article on simplifying the dreaded menu planning that you really shouldn’t miss.  I definitely needed it and will be saving it to go back to after we move.  No more mealtime frenzy and stress, yeah!

At The Mother Huddle, learn how to simplify your life in short, easy-to-follow bullet list form!  There are some really helpful tips including “set the timer when on the computer” and “try to go to bed with a clean kitchen”.  Love it!

At Baby Signs With Elizabeth, read and learn from these 10 tips for being a work at home mom!  Elizabeth has some awesome, doable tips, and thankfully includes the importance of taking breaks and social networking.

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And that’s it for now!  I hope you discover some new people and their blogs and enjoy the reads!

Now link up a post that you think is worth reading, either yours or something you’ve come across in your blog-hopping!


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