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Well, after much deliberation and some very helpful emails and comments, I’ve decided to keep this blog as is. :-) No separate book blog. I’m relieved! lol So you want to know why?

First, my blog has its own personality, and I do like it that way. :-)

Second, upkeep for two blogs would take more time than I can afford to spare! Now that I have a Wii to play around with, that is. ;-) (Kidding! lol)

Snow, wonderful snow! Don’t you wish you could roll about in it like dogs? (Little Women – the movie)

A pic I took of my best friend, who is snowed in with us! lol

We’re snowed in! It’s been crazy weather here – my husband has had two snow days, can you believe it!? Today is his third. We can’t even get our car out of the driveway right now. It’s beeautiful outside, but cold!

Here I am, enjoying the weather – wishing I had snow clothes… ;-)

Well, I prayed for snow for Christmas. Yes, I did. Be careful what you pray for. ;-) The sad thing is that I don’t get snow days because I work at home! Sad and bitter, I am.


Yesterday was the first day Emma began to walk herself along the railing of her crib! I’m such a proud mommy! :-) She’s also teething big time. That tooth is SO sharp.

My Mom’s Etsy Shop

My mom opened her Etsy shop, The Dotty Owl! She has some AWESOME pendants up. I personally want some to use for magnets on my ugly, naked refrigerator, too. :-) Hint hint! Though I do think they’re too beautiful to use for magnets… :-) These are my personal favorites, made from triominos! I’ve done this before and they are too fun to make!

I love the chain on the right, mom!



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  • Hey Lindsey…sorry for not answering sooner. I did read and enjoy The Winter of Candy Canes. It was very sweet, and it is totally the kind of book I would have loved as a child. I have been sick the past few days so I am going to post my review soon. Nice snowy pictures! I am soooooo glad to have serious snow days behind me. :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas. So…did you win that Wii? :) I’m jealous!

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