Max Lucado is a very popular author, mainly because he seems to be able to get to the heart of subjects that are on our minds or that we have questions about.  In this dynamic book, he addresses fear.  As you can tell from the title, this is something he wants to help us conquer – or rather he wants to point us to the only One who can really help us conquer it!  Mr. Lucado also addresses the different fears we have, and how to conquer them.

Fear seems to be in the driver’s seat these days. People are troubled and anxious. Finances are tumbling, rockets are launching, and seemingly solid institutions are teetering. It’s tough for folks to know where to turn.

Two years ago I began writing a new book entitled Fearless. Little did I know then what we’d be facing now, but God did. The book examines Jesus’ statements about fear and encourages us to take heart in difficult times.

The antidote to the fear epidemic? Trust. If we trust God more, we can fear less. What a comforting promise!

-Max Lucado

I think what I appreciate most about this book is the simplicity – trust God, fear less. It’s so true! But how to trust God? This is why you should check out this book. :)

The table of contents will give you a very good idea of what this book is about…

Table of Contents:

Why Are We Afraid?
The Villagers of Stiltsville (Fear of Not Mattering)
God’s Ticked Off At Me (Fear of Disappointing God)
Woe, Be Gone (Fear of Running Out)
My Child is in Danger (Fear of Not Protecting My Kids)
I’m Sinking Fast (Fear of Overwhelming Challenges)
There’s a Dragon in my Closet (Fear of Worst-Case Scenarios)
This Brutal Planet (Fear of Violence)
Make-Believe Money (Fear of the Coming Winter)
Scared to Death (Fear of Life’s Final Moments)
Caffeinated Life (Fear of What’s Next)
The Shadow of Doubt (Fear that God is not Real)
What if Things Get Worse? (Fear of Global Calamity)
The One Healthy Terror (Fear of God Getting Out of My Box)
Conclusion (William’s Psalm)
Discussion Guide & Notes

I like that Max Lucado’s books are all so conversational.  Make sure you have some time to focus when picking up this book because the way it’s presented you’ll be drawn in – you aren’t likely to go cross-eyed by lists of verses and facts like some “self-help” books (do to me).  ;-)  He talks through the verses, helping us to understand what was going on and painting pictures so we can see it and apply it to everyday life.  And I really appreciate the fact that he includes so much scripture.  I can’t stand it when authors go on and on, sharing their opinions and bringing verses in (sparingly) when they fit their topic.  Now sometimes the stories can feel a little tedious to read through, but he does get to the point eventually.

All in all I found this book worth picking up.  I recommend reading the first chapter (link below) and seeing if it looks like something you’d like to finish!

Read the First Chapter here.


The Official Fearless Website

to find out more about the book or buy it!

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