Festive Pine Tree Decor Centerpiece in a Jar

It was time… for some nature-inspired decor.  :)
I know this has been done often but I had to share anyway.  I have been planning this for awhile but thought I needed to buy vases first… then I realized I had a ton of jars and could use them!  (Thanks, mom!)

Jars for vases

Here’s my little helper… we enjoyed gathering things from our backyard to put in jars sooo much!

   Enjoying the outdoors

Some things I put in or wanted to put in the jars…


This Hawthorne tree is growing in someone’s yard in our neighborhood… I am dying to take some branches but I thought it might be frowned upon.  ;-)  I could ask but I’m a wimp I guess.

hawthorne tree photo

I still think our centerpieces are pretty.  :)

Creating nature centerpieces in a jar

And Emma loved helping out!

Festive Pine Tree Decor Centerpiece in a Jar

Aren’t they festive?

Festive Pine Tree Decor Centerpiece in a Jar

What type of holiday decor are you working on or planning?


3 Responses to Bringing Nature Indoors… in Decorative Jars :)

  • We made pumpkins from toilet paper tubes, strips of construction paper and tape. Fun. Not as easy for my 3 yo as I thought it would be. These look really nice and I know my kids and help with that.

  • I love that ideal,,we have a pine cone tree near us an ive always wanted to do something with the grandkids with them,,they would look good in jars too

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