I had never heard of buzzirk mobile before today, but this looks like a pretty sweet deal for those of us who use our cell phones non-stop (can you say Twitter? lol). Check out their Unlimited Domestic Plan Details ($79.97/month):

  • No long distance or roaming charges.
  • Unlimited anytime minutes.
  • Unlimited night and weekend minutes.
  • Unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes (inbound and outbound).
  • Unlimited long-distance in the continental USA.
  • Unlimited internet.
  • No contracts.
  • Live chat instead of SMS (though they have SMS as well).
Parental Controls

This is what I really thought would interest you: Parental controls! I think one of the main reasons parents have reservations about giving their children or teens cell phones is because they are afraid of having to pay huge unexpected phone bills. With Iris Innovations Parental Controls, you can keep your kids safer and have a new peace of mind.


  • Easy online setup.
  • Limit the time of day your child is allowed to use the phone.
  • Limit the number of text and instant messages your children are allowed to make or receive.
  • Set a dollar amount for ringtones, games and other download purchases.
  • Set up only the numbers that you will allow your children to call or text (incoming and outgoing).
  • Set up restrictions for browser content.

To find out more, visit buzzirk mobile and zer01.

Question: Would you feel more at ease giving your child a cell phone if you had this kind of control?


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  • Oh, wow! I really like these options. I have heard of some companies that limit certain things but this company basically lets you control everything. Great review!

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