Well, I think its safe to say that our Christmas this year was enjoyed by all and a success. I even had all the handmade gifts done before Christmas Eve! I know, I deserve a pat on the back for that. ;-)

Christmas morning was a flurry of squeals and activity. The kids woke up at 6:30 and waited (im)patiently for daddy to awaken. When he did about an hour later (he’s been sick – that’s why I let him sleep), it was present time! I didn’t go too crazy this year but each kid had a few fun gifts. The highlight for Isaac was an over-the-door basketball hoop with mini basketballs (it was actually for Isaac and daddy to play together) and Emma received two Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa dolls and an apron she has worn every day ALL DAY since she opened it. The only gift fails have been the mini alphabet cookie cutters I bought for Isaac to use with his play dough (but the dough wont come out of the cutters) and the monkey apron I got him because I thought he might feel left out when he saw Emma with her apron. He refuses to let me put it on him. Okay then!  Note to self:  Stick with balls and cars in the future.



 The rest of Christmas Day was spent watching Christmas movies (Miracle on 34th Street), enjoying relaxing at home together, and making a special Christmas dinner of ham, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy which Emma was very very much looking forward to. That girl really loves to eat!  She is just like her mother. ;-) I made fudge for dessert and it was deeeelicious. I had never made fudge before!

Eye Appointment Fiasco

The day after Christmas was supposed to be a rest day but before falling asleep on the 25th I remembered Emma had an eye appointment the next morning early. I know, I know, but it was the only way they could get us in in less than two months and Emma’s glasses are broken, held together by some shrink wrap.  I was beginning to regret making it, but in we went.  We had to make a stop at the store first and I made the huuuge mistake of getting Emma a hot chocolate.  It made her very silly and full of wiggles. Don’t get me wrong, she is well-behaved and listened to everything the doctor said and sat still for the exams, but I think it might have affected her exam results. :-p Later she told me she wasn’t entirely honest with the doctor when she was checking her vision. The result of the exam was that her vision in one eye was getting worse and she would need to start patching again.  The moral of this story is that you should be prepared to be very patient when your little one needs glasses.  They will break, you won’t be able to find them, lenses will pop out, and appointments will be dependent upon their moods.  The day after Christmas or a birthday is probably not a good time for appointments, and don’t give your child sugar before they go in.  Save it for after.  Learn from my mistakes!  :-/

The Christmas Decorations Must GO

Also on the 26th, I took the tree and other Christmas decorations down. Emma nearly burst into tears at the thought of losing all the pretty lights and Christmastime magic, so I left the lights up for her sake… but the tree had to go. I hadn’t realized how cramped it would make our house, and it feels so nice to have that space back! Anyone else turn into Mommy Grinch and take the decorations down so soon? I felt bad but am also relieved that the holidays are over for awhile. I am worn out, tired of thinking about gifts, tired of seeing sales and ads that make me want to spend money, and glad to be done with the holiday craziness and events in general. Does that sound bad?  I can’t help it, I’m just tired.  We did quite a bit – there was a Christmas women’s dinner, we went caroling with the kids at a retirement home, I went to my husband’s work Christmas dinner, and got together with a friend for a Christmas cookie swap/decoration party.  On top of all this, my husband and I were fighting a cold/flu bug (which has finally hit me fully in the last couple days).  Also, when you have small children everything is a lot of extra work.  So although I enjoyed it, I’m glad to be getting back to normal.  :)

Two Days After Christmas

I spent the 27th watching Pride and Prejudice (the version with Colin Firth, my favorite) and cleaning, decluttering, and reorganizing. You know I am on an organization kick, right? Well the organization binder I put together wasn’t the end of it – it was just the beginning!  I had a burst of energy (don’t you love those?) and took advantage of it.   I want to be completely ready to get into school again, and for a few weeks I have been feeling overwhelmed and not looking forward to it. I realized that part of the reason was that our school supplies and books were kind of spread out in different areas and not organized well. So I spent the day getting rid of things we wouldn’t use (I filled up a black garbage bag, can you believe that?), putting everything that was previously in our school workboxes (which were becoming catch-alls) into a binder separated by subject, and reorganizing craft/office/school supplies.  This is working out great so far!  I don’t have to spent 15 minutes looking for a handwriting worksheet or math game I had printed out and laminated because they’re in sheet protectors in Emma’s subject binder. I’m feeling pretty good about getting started again now!  I just have to make labels next so I can keep things in their respective places.  If I rely on my memory I am doomed.  ;-)

Nothing else is new except that I have the flu now.  Oh joy.  Is anyone else tired of the flu season?  I definitely am!  This is the time of year that I feel like being sick is an endless cycle by the time it’s run its course through all of the family members.  I am working on building up our immune systems.  More on that later!

How was your Christmas holiday?


4 Responses to Catching Up: The After-Christmas Post

  • Looks like you’ve been a busy woman! Those Frozen dolls are super cool. I watched the movie and really enjoyed it. I took down my tree and decorations two days after Christmas. Like you, I’m glad to have the space back.

  • I saw the movie with Emma – looooved it! :)

  • Sounds like a good time for all,,im in the process of taking down my decorations,my husband is a old fuddy duddy an believes that the tree must stay up until Jan 1st for good luck,,ok,its still up but it comes down tomorrow!

  • Cute apron!!! My boys refuse aprons too though, they would much rather have stuff all over their clothes! ; ) I actually don’t sew (at least not well), but this year I actually made each of the boys a fleece blanket to cover up with in the living room. I was happy to have actually made them something myself, even though it wasn’t all that involved!

    I hear ya on the Christmas decor. Ours came down first thing the day after Christmas! Holidays are great, but I relate to what you are saying about being tired of all of the commercialism. It’s exhausting!

    Funny about Emma’s glasses and hot chocolate! ;) I need to make a trip in to the eye dr too as the glasses that we have are digging into his nose a little to much. :( I guess I need to have them adjusted a bit!

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