Much to my delight, recently I was given the opportunity to review the special Halloween Charlie and Lola DVD, What Can I Wear for Halloween? – prepare for raving, because I adore these characters!

Are you new to Charlie and Lola? I hadn’t ever heard of them before being introduced by another mom blogger just last month! It’s one of the only cartoons that I don’t mind watching over and over (and over and OVER) with my daughter because:

1) It features a brother and sister who actually love each other and make an effort to be kind and thoughtful – just the sort of people you would want hanging around your children!

2) The English accents. So. Awesome. I did think at one time that my daughter might learn to speak with that lovely accent, but alas, it has not happened as of yet. My husband and I speak like Charlie and Lola now, though. ;-)

3) My husband actually loves them. That’s saying something.

4) The illustrations are simple but so sweet.

5) Lola is extreeeemely cute and she calls Charlie “Chah-ley”. She looks up to him. And her giggle makes me smile.

Each Charlie and Lola DVD contains about 9 or 10 episodes – what a value! In Volume Nine’s Halloween episode, What Can I Wear For Halloween?, Lola finds herself without a costume just before Halloween. Charlie tries to help, but Lola doesn’t want to be a spider or a witch (“Everyone is going to be a witch, Charlie.”) or anything brilliant Charlie can think of. It seems that everyone else knows what they want to be, and time is passing fast! Will Lola think of a special costume in time?

Episode List:

1. What Can I Wear for Halloween?
2. Everything is Different and not the Same
3. I am Goody the Good
4. But We Always do it Like This
5. I am Going to Save a Panda
6. I Slightly Want to go Home
7. Do Not Ever Never Let Go
8. I Would Actually Like to Keep It
9. But I Don’t Really Like This Present

All of these episodes are equally wonderful – I really don’t have a favorite! Though But I Don’t Really Like This Present is so funny and oh so true…

I can’t recommend Charlie and Lola enough! This DVD is a gem – and since it features a Halloween episode, you have a wonderful reason to gift it right now! This volume is great for anytime, too – not just Halloween. They’re all great “anytime” episodes. I’m totally hooked and can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with Charlie and Lola as well!

You can buy Charlie and Lola, Volume 9: What Can I Wear For Halloween? at for $11.99 right now!

Barnes and Noble has it for $9.99, or $8.99 if you’re a member!

Disclaimer: I was sent the Charlie and Lola DVD for review purposes only. This in no way sways my opinion or my post. This review is 100% my own opinion and my own content.

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