Last weekend I was able to go school shopping with one of my homeschool mom friends and we found a lot of cool things for the classroom at the Dollar Tree!  Have you been there yet?



I arrived armed with a list of things I would need for school and found pretty much everything I wanted, except for pool noodles and jumbo paper clips (I settled for the larger size).  Why were pool noodles and jumbo paper clips on my SCHOOL list, you may ask?  Just check out my Keep Your Toddler Busy While Homeschooling Pinterest board and you’ll see.  :)

I also found a lot of things we “needed” that weren’t on my list, though!  Like:
– Magnetic words, numbers, and letters
– A double-sided learning clock (digital on the back)
– A 2-pack of life cycle posters (the other poster features a frog)
– Pencil cases, both hard and zip
– A snake that grows 600% (I knew the kids would be fascinated)
– A crystal growing kit (science!)

We also hit a curriculum store in our area that sells both new and used books and supplies (and buys them!) and although I didn’t buy any curriculum I did find Thornton Burgess books we were planning on reading anyway!  I love that they’re free on Kindle but it’s nice to have a “real” copy sometimes.  I was also able to look inside quite a few different school books that I had been curious about.  It’s really helpful when you can thumb through a book rather than rely on a couple of PDF samples online when buying something.


Oh, and I was able to find an abacus there!  Yay, I’ve been wanting one of those!  More on that later.  :)

Have you come across any good educational deals lately?



3 Responses to I ♥ Dollar Store School Supplies & Used Curriculum Stores!

  • This was a fun shopping trip! And you really can get all sorts of great Back to School Supplies at the Dollar Store too! Maybe even year round if you’re lucky too!

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