My time is getting closer (69 days till my due date) and I’m starting to think about things like packing my hospital bag, making a birth plan, and childcare for Emma while I’m at the hospital.

One of the best things I did in my planning for the hospital when pregnant with my first, Emma, was bring a gown to deliver in.  Now I didn’t actually end up delivering in it because it didn’t have an open back and I ended up having an epidural.  And when I got there I found I didn’t care what I wore, lol.  But after Emma was born it was such a relief to get out of that ugly hospital gown and into something normal.

So I plan to bring a nursing gown for sure for after Isaac is born.  But I would like to have something cute to deliver in as well if I can find something I really like.  I’ve been looking around online and have found some interesting options – check them out!


First impression: Um, I think I’d be embarrassed to wear this.  You?


First impression: Totally CUTE!  I like the neckline, too – it doesn’t have the plain ugly hospital gown look.  The sleeves unsnap and it snaps down the back, too.  Nice!


Hot Mama

First impression: I love the designer fabrics and the fact that it has a wrap-type front!


Doodlebug (Etsy)

First impression: I had to include an Etsy shop.  :)  And wow – I like the cut and the fabric!


First impression: Very favorable – love the simplicity, the price ($29-40), the fabrics, AND of course the fact that Pam from the office wore one when she “gave birth” to her baby!  hahaha

This is tough.  :)

So would you buy a special gown for delivery at the hospital?

Not a sponsored post. Just doing some window shopping… for now!


14 Responses to Checking out hospital delivery gowns…

  • Yes! I had my 5th baby and first girl 8 months ago and purchased a Hot Mama Gown…if you’re going to breastfeed they are the best! The ORGANIC fabric washes nicely and is very comfortable. Every mama deserves to be pretty before, during, and after delivery in my opinion. :)

    • I love the way the Hot Mama Gowns look, Jess! I found your review on your blog and loved that you brought out the C-section side. You’re in the hospital longer, right? I would feel sad if I had to wear those gowns at the hospital, they’re so uncomfortable and a pain to hold closed while you’re walking.

      • With a normal c-sec you’re there for 3-4 days which is a long time esp when you’re breastfeeding because hospital gowns are not made for breastfeeding. It was really great feeling pretty. I wish I had one when I gave birth to my 4 year old because he was in the NICU, which made it extra hard going up and down multiple times a day (I always walked) I honestly really love our HMG in fact I loved it so much I bought a second one before she came so I had 2 to wear. I still wear them as nursing pjs so I justified the price with that.

  • I didn’t get a pretty gown for my births. Although, they are neat, I just couldn’t justify spending money on that. Just brought nursing pj’s to the hospital for after the birth. I wouldn’t want to wear just a pretty, expensive gown during the actual icky messy birth! ;)

    • I always have trouble justifying spending money on myself… but I think this might be worth it. There’s always my baby shower, too – I can hope, right? lol

  • i paid a friend to make me one. it was fun to have something special to wear for labor and delivery. it made me feel pretty in a very un-pretty setting. and i got lots of compliments from the nurses.

    • It is a very un-pretty setting! I know that just having my own pillowcase and pillow meant a lot to me when I went to the hospital to have Emma. So I think this would be nice, too.

  • I really want to, but I’m definitely in the same boat because there are so many cute styles and fabrics. It’s probably not practically to buy a couple or 3 is it? :)

  • Cute gowns! I didn’t take a personal gown for delivery, but with my second baby I definitely took some gowns in for afterwards. The hospital gowns at my hospital were these horrible, puffy-sleeved things, and after wearing those with baby #1, there was no way I was going through that again with baby #2!

  • Love the first one and would totally wear it! The zebra one is great too, but I don’t like the colors on the others too much.

  • I received the beige pretty pusher for a review. It’s very pretty, and it’s so soft! But, I’m the size of a barge, and I’m worried not only about how I’ll look, but if it will fit, or if it will be see through. It’s a great gown, I just don’t know that it’s for me. Guess I have to figure it out before March.

    I love the BYOGs, but YIKES! That’s a steep price to pay. I just couldn’t justify it.

    The others are cute, but I’m so picky that I don’t know that I’ll ever find what I want. LOL!

    If you pick one, let us know which one you go with!

  • I’d love to get a gown to make this birth a little more special, but I haven’t seen any fabric styles that make me say “wow!” and the price is hard to justify, like others have said. It would be great to put on a registry, but I’m not having a shower since this baby is my #3. I guess if someone asks me if there’s anything I need…

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