Do you use headphones?  I find myself needing a set of padded headphones like these from ChicBuds every once in awhile, generally when I need to focus on something (like blogging, perhaps?) and block the sounds around me with some classical music.  We live in a small house so having a chance to stop and focus on any one thing without something in the background distracting me is difficult!

I think most tweens and teens would be delighted to own a set that looks like these.  I admit that I’m enjoying feeling like I’m stylin’ as I sit in my living room working away, though… and I’m way past teen-age.  ;-)

I have the multi-colored DJ sport headphones and am pleased with the way they look, fit, and feel!  They are comfortable to wear and because they’re adjustable, my husband can wear them, too (though he would probably rather die first, haha).  The sound is strong and I’m happy to say they block outside noises very well.

For their price of $34.99, I find these to be a quality set of headphones – stylish, comfortable, and well-made.

I received a headset from ChicBuds in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions on the product are 100% mine!  This review was made possible by ChicExecs.


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