Quiet Bunny loves the bright colors of spring: the yellow ducks, green frogs, and blue jays-everything but his own brown, wintry white fur. It takes the help of a wise old owl for Bunny to realize that it’s the rainbow of colors-including his own-that makes the world so beautiful.

Our Thoughts:

This book is a total gem and such a delight to read with my daughter!  It’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning their colors, and the story is meaningful as well.  And the colors!  Well, let me tell you that each time we turned the page I had to just stop for a minute, the artwork is so gorgeous.

Each page spread brings you to another brilliant color scheme that takes my breath away.  And it’s sweetly humorous, the way Quiet Bunny tries to take on the colors himself so that he will be as beautiful as the nature surrounding him.  When he sees how beautiful the yellow field of dandelions around him is, he covers himself in honey and sticks the flowers to him so that he’s a big yellow fluff.  So cute!

In the end, he learns that although he’s plain old brown and white he’s an important part of the beautiful world around him.  :)  A wonderful message to children reminding them that no matter how different they are from other people, they shouldn’t compare themselves – they’re special, too!

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You can purchase Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors from Amazon.com for $10.17 right now.  :)

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