Tutorial:  Turn a child's tee into a swing tank! Step by step instructions
It all started with a rather unattractive unisex shirt that I didn’t much like on me – but the logo I did like!  I wanted to convert it to something a little more flattering and more appropriate for the 90+ degree weather we’ve been having, so I set off on the search for the perfect tutorial.  Jen’s tee-to-tank tutorial at CrafterHours is a WINNER!  It’s the easiest reconstruction I’ve seen that ends up looking like something I would buy in a store!

So after reconstructing a few tees in my closet, I turned to Emma’s closet.  And there was that super CUTE shirt that I love but the neckline is a little stretched out.  I didn’t know if she’d ever get to wear it and have it look good.

Jen’s tutorial is great, but I thought I would try to go into a little more detail here.  :)
So here’s how to do it:

First, CUT :
1.  The sleeves at the shoulder seams
2.  Straight across underneath the neckline
3.  The hem and one strip above that.

You’ll be scrapping everything but the strip between the hem and the body of your shirt.

Now you have:

Fold and Pin:
1.  Fold over the very top of both the front and top of your tank once.
2.  Pin well.

Sew and Thread:
1.  Sew one straight line across the pinned folds, leaving about a 1.5″ gap.

2.  Cut the leftover strip you set aside so it’s one long piece, then thread through the openings you created in the front and back of the tank – now you have shoulder straps!  Tie at side or sew ends together.

Ain’t it cute???

Other options:  You can leave the hem on if you need the length and use other t-shirt or jersey knit scraps, ribbon, lace, etc to make shoulder straps.

Tip:  To thread your ends through the gaps easily, try attaching a safety pin to the end.  I personally have a long wirey… uh, thingie… that I use that makes it a breeze.  Wish I knew what it was, ha!  It came in my mom’s sewing tools and that’s what I use it for.

If you give this a try I would love to see pictures!  :)


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