Guess what? 5 Minutes for Books is now hosting a Classics Bookclub! I love bookclubs, reading, and classics so this is right up my alley. :-) Now whether I’ll actually have time to read every classic they choose is something only God knows. With a new baby, everything is different and I already don’t have time to read like I did before Emma was born, but I’m willing to try! Also, I haven’t really expanded my mind with a classic in quite awhile – I think the last one I read was by George Eliot two years ago and I can’t remember the title (I do remember it was good, though). Anyway, the first choice is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – a good choice, I love Austen’s books and all the movies based on her books. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes, definitely. :-)

Anyone who wants to check it out can click on the link below. It’s mainly for bloggers, but I’m sure anyone can participate who wishes to.

Classics Bookclub

God bless!


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