I say cute although I’m not entirely sure I want to pay for clothing that has “spilled food” designs on it!  I’m pretty sure I could make my own.  ;-)  Whoever thought this up was super creative, though!  You can find all of the designs at Uh Oh Industries.

So what do you think?  Would you buy it?

In case you are interested, Zulily is having a sale on these – everything is 50% off.  :)




2 Responses to Clothing With Spilled-Food Designs… Cute or Not?

  • They could very well be cute so I wouldn’t knock anyone who chose to dress their baby in them. Personally, though, the thought of anything looking like a stain drives me nuts so I wouldn’t dress my kids in them.

  • They definitely make for cute photos, but other than that, I say no. I won’t even put a white shirt on my toddler because I know they’ll turn out looking like those, ha.

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