We moved into a very, very small house a little over a year ago.  It has been the cause of my home decorating woes, let me tell you.  One of the things I’ve had to do without is a coffee table or end table because there really seems to be no room at all for one.  Just what we don’t need is something else to have to bump into walk around.  But lately I started perusing the IKEA magazines for home decorating ideas (they are geniuses at decorating small spaces!) and have found that it IS possible!

Following are some of the awesome coffee tables I have my eye on for various reasons…

Possibility #1: This Jofran Wood Lift-Top Coffee Table.  Can you say storage???  Love it!

Possibility #2: This 16″ x 39″ Rectangle Western Red Cedar Coffee Table.  I love that it’s small and thin – it would be great for small spaces!

Possibility #3: This West Indies Rectangle Wood Coffee Table.  It FOLDS UP for easy storage!  Love that!

And because we can never have too many end tables, check out these adorable decorative nesting tables!

So, how important is having a coffee table to you?



3 Responses to Coffee Tables and Small Spaces – Can It Be Done?

  • The first table look great. I like the idea of all that extra hidden storage space

  • The last one would be the one for me, ever since I was a kid I have either owned or my parents owned a set of the three tables that all pull out from under one another. I love them.

  • I am interested in the West Indies Rectangular Coffee Table that folds up. I am thinking of having a fold up coffee table that can slip under the sofa. I would like to know more about it; dimensions, where to buy, etc. How can I learn more about who sells these coffee tables.

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