Dollar Store 3D Bug Puzzles

So I found these awesome puzzles at the Dollar Store recently.  COOL find, right?

My kids thought so!


Didn’t they turn out great?  I would like to say that putting these bugs together was as easy as noted on the packaging, but it definitely wasn’t.  The package says, “No glue required!” but as fast as I put these together a part would fall off so glue was required.  I probably would have glued them together anyway so my kids could play with them, though.

These are great for sparking interest in specific bugs!  We watched a few youtube videos on bees at Emma’s request after putting these together.  She asks a lot of questions that I can’t always answer to her satisfaction (or mine for that matter) and so we end up there a lot.  ;-)  Thank goodness for the wonderful documentaries that are at our fingertips!




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