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While I was pregnant, an issue that weighed heavily on my mind was banking my baby’s umbilical cord blood. There seemed to be information and ads regarding this subject on every other page of the pregnancy magazines, urging me to hurry up and make a decision.

I thought about it extensively, and weighed the pros and cons as best I could. A kind of insurance that could possibly protect my baby in her lifetime? Who wouldn’t jump at that? We all want to protect our children. But although there’s no price I wouldn’t pay for my child to be healthy and safe, the prices seemed steep (at a glance), and were overwhelming for me, a soon-to-be mommy who was worried about the cost of just giving birth and doctor visits after.

But I didn’t want to regret not doing it, either.

It was a tough decision… and unfortunately one that I never really made. Somehow, before I knew it, childbirth was upon me and it was too late. I’m just thankful my daughter has been very healthy for the 14 wonderful months she has graced me with her presence. :-) But I plan on having more children, and before I know it the time to start thinking about this again will be here again. I want to be ready this time!

Some things to think about, and things I wish I had known:

  • Cord blood contains stem cells which can be used in the treatment of leukemia, breast cancer, lymphoma, and many other diseases.
  • Having cord blood available makes a painful bone marrow extraction procedure unnecessary.
  • A person’s cord blood is a perfect 100% match only for that person. Siblings have a 1 in 4 chance of having compatible stem cells.
  • A baby’s cord blood is collected just after delivery and in no way interferes with the birth or causes pain for either the mother or child.

Are you thinking of banking your baby’s cord blood?

Cryo-Cell, the nation’s largest and most-accredited cord blood bank, would like you to know about a special limited-time price reduction offer. You can save $725 on Cryo-Cell’s U-Cord service using the coupon code HOT until 06/28/09. I looked into this personally and it looks like a very good deal – the annual fee is only $125 a year, starting the second year after initial fee.

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4 Responses to Cord Blood Banking Talk and Cryo-Cell Discount

  • We are going to bank our girl's cord blood with CBR. We looked at all the different companies, and they were the best well known and had the most positive studies available for viewing, best reviews, and even better prices and customer service when we had initial questions for varying companies. Of course we made this decision before the lay off… it might have been different, but even though we could cancel we chose not to.

    In my family history, every one who dies, or gets really sick seems to suffer from the same thing. There are a handful of suicides through out the generations (I'm talking current day through the 1700s). Many heart attacks, and if they did not have a heart attack and have been really ill they have had some form of cancer.

    We have had two different cases of brain tumors one in a 28 year old cousin, one in a grandmother. Lymphoma in an uncle, who then died of a heart attack. Breast Cancer in a sister. Skin cancer and lung cancer in a grandfather who is still living at 91. Melanoma and heart disease in a different grandfather. Lung cancer in another grandmother. It goes on and on. So for me, knowing the chances of cancer in our family, and knowing where medical sciences are going, it really was worth the effort of putting forth the money. (And CBR is cheaper…)

  • We used CBR with Peyton. I don't have anything to compare them too, but my experience was great!

    They were very friendly and answered all of my questions.

    I'm so glad that we decided to save Peyton's cord blood. We didn't with the other two and it really helps to ease your mind knowing that in case anything were to happen that you have something that could possibly save their lives.

  • Thank you both for sharing! I'm greatly encouraged to do this when my next baby is born. :-) Hearing another's experience means so much.

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