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Have you been up to anything creative lately?  I don’t know about you, but springtime inspires me!  The sun shines brightly, the grass is green and beautiful, the weather is warm, the birds are singing – I’m inspired!

Following crafty blogs inspires me, too, so I follow quite  a few.  :-)  Do you?

Here are my favorite craft tutorials from the past few weeks:

1. Got a pair of cargo pants hanging around you don’t know what to do with?  Make this awwwesome messenger bag with them and forever be called genius!  Use this great tutorial from Noodlehead here!
2. (top right) This black headband is gorgeous and looks so easy to make!  This is definitely going into my “must-do” craft tutorial pile.  ;-)  I love hair accessories, both for me and my daughter.  Find the tutorial from the brilliant Perry Jane Handmade here.
3. (bottom left) From Tea Rose Home, find out how to make a little girl’s tunic top from a tank top!  She found those tank tops at thrift stores.  I’m so inspired, how about you?  If you are, head on over to the tutorial here!
4. (bottom right) Finally a good tutorial for moms of little boys!  This fancy bow tie is a must-have, and you can find an excellent tutorial on how to make one here at Prudent Baby.

Do you have a creative blog post to share?  Link up here!

Guidelines: Any post you deem creative can be linked here.  It can be a recipe, something you’ve accomplished over the week, a craft tutorial, or a craft you’ve completed and want to show off.  And you don’t have to be a mom!  :-)  This link-up is posted every Monday, so feel free to check back during the week.  I’ll be tweeting your link-ups throughout the week, too.  See you next Monday!


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