It’s Christmas! :-) And it’s snowing! I love snow at Christmas. *happy sigh*

Feeding the birdies on our patio.

Homemade ornaments. :-)

My best friend Ranae made this one and quite a few other unique “ornaments” like this. I love them!

Emma, deeply fascinated with the tree.

And our new ornament that we won!

Back to the tree…

Here’s where the light show starts…


Haha, looks like it’s coming out of her nose now…

Reminds me of books I’ve read where the parents find out their child has magical abilities. lol

No way, I don’t have magical abilities!

If I did… I’d be standing up by now. But I’ll keep trying! ;-)

This is her new booster seat – what I bought instead of a high chair because it takes up less space. She LOVES it! You can take off that top tray and it becomes a tray to eat on. Only $25! :-)


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