Polar Bear Coat
(The ultimate costume accessory.  Crazy!  And no, it’s not real fur or a real bear.)

Little Red Riding Wolf
(Look closely and you’ll see she even has a tail!)

Instant Pumpkinhead Costume
(Hilarious idea but might be a bit chilly for October?)

Handmade Restraint Mask
(This is truly frightful.)

Metal Air Jordan Costume
(I couldn’t leave this out.  It was handmade from scrap metal and can apparently easily be broken down and shipped.)

Knitted Purple Wig
(This could be awesome with a modern costume… the hair of the future?  Never a bad hair day again?  Or… always a bad hair day, depends on how you look at it.  ;-)

Gameboy Tube Dress
(I don’t think they could have made this thing any smaller.  Geeky though!)

Unicorn Wig With Silk Braid
(Just wow.)

Scaled Digitigrade Legs
(These are made of faux leather or suede – your choice – and are creepily realistic.  They make up the focus of a pretty awesome costume!  For $1400, I would hope so.)

Futuristic Space Cadet Girl
(This is pretty elaborate and a cute idea.  A bit chilly for me, though.)

9-Foot Black Feather Archangel Wings
(Do I even need to say anything?  Definitely makes a great photo opp.)

Edward Scissorhands
(This is SERIOUSLY cool.  Talk about detailed!  For $4000, you’re getting some awesome movie memorabilia, too.)

Knit Gandalf or Headmaster of Hogwarts Beard
(This is just too awesome!)

Triceratops Forged Copper Mask
(At $4700, this is a steal!  If the price causes shortness of breath, though, you’ll be glad to know that after you take off this extremely heavy mask, it becomes some wicked wall art.)

♥ ♥ ♥

This post is the fruit of my pointless wanderings on Etsy – I was not compensated in any way for sharing these. Hope you enjoyed this roundup!


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